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129: Brains over Blonde with Anna Wood

Anna WoodBrains Over BlondeBrains Over Blonde with Anna WoodonetasteRob KandellRobert KandellTuff LoveTuff Love Many women struggle with losing themselves in relationships. When they’re single, they can feel clear and connected to their sense of... read more

128: Ending The Patriarchy

Ending The PatriarchyonetastePatriarchpatriarchyRob KandellRobert KandellTuff LoveTuff Love What is patriarchy? Wikipedia says patriarchy is a social system in which males hold primary power and pre-dominate in roles of political leadership, moral,... read more

074: Getting OUT of your Comfort Zone with Tripp Lanier

Getting Out of your Comfort ZoneRob KandellTripp LanierTuff The path of growth is always a process that has no finish line. It’s natural to not want to step out of your comfort zone. The comfort zone is another term for hiding space. When we feel... read more

073: Exiting the Prisons We Create

Exiting The Prisons We CreatePrisonRob KandellTuff When we enter relationships, we sometimes create prisons inside us when we don’t speak out what our desires are. One way of exiting these prisons we create is through communication because this is... read more

072: “Never Say this on a Date” with Jeffrey Platts

Jeffrey PlattsNever Say this on a DateonetasteRob KandellTuff Guys always go for the lines like “Let’s go grab a coffee,” or “Let’s go get some ice cream,” because it somehow lessens the fear of asking a woman out. Jeffrey Platts teaches his clients... read more


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