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Six Conversations: Season 5

188: Rob Rant: The King Archetype

This episode is all about unshedding self-diminishment, taking ownership of the good and the bad to improve our lives, getting off our butts to do the work to be who we know we can be.... read more

187: Six Vulnerable Conversations Series 5 Episode 2

The second episode of Season 5 of 6 Vulnerable Conversations. *CC Song Credit by Spectacular Sound Productions Fly A Kite by Spectacular Sound*... read more

186: The New Childhood with Jordan Shapiro

In this episode, Jordan Shapiro, author of “The New Childhood” discusses technology and the relationship between kids, technology, and parents. Shapiro discusses the importance of parents and their role in facilitating kids’ behavior. Teaching... read more

185: Six Vulnerable Conversations Series 5 Episode 1

We kick off the 5th edition of Six Vulnerable Conversations and this time, it’s between three very unique perspectives. We hope you enjoy!... read more


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