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Gender Issues

Game Over

Robert Kandell’s motivation for writing a book for men.

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Consent Is Sexy

How to make a woman feel safe in your presence.

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What Women Love

Guys, take out the trash and win big. The total time it takes to take out the trash in my house is approximately ninety seconds. It includes opening the top of the bin, looking inside to access the fullness or odiferous nature of the bag, picking it up, opening one... read more

What Lies Below Men’s Privilege?

  Fear and desire.   Since The New York Times and New Yorker outed Harvey Weinstein’s decades-long history of sexual misconduct last October, women have been speaking out in droves via the #MeToo hashtag. I think women calling out harassment, assault, rape,... read more

136: Six Conversations 3.4 – Stereotypes

HeterosexualsHomo And Hetero StereotypesHomosexualsJeff JacobsonRob KandellSix Conversations 3.4 - StereotypesStereotypesTuff Love As a man born of this society, my mind is filled with thousands of misconstrued gay stereotypes, having absorbed this from mainstream... read more

134: Six Conversations 3.3 – Monogamy In Homosexual Relationships With Jeff Jacobson

Homosexual MonogamyHomosexual RelationshipHomosexualsJeff JacobsonMonogamy In Homosexual RelationshipsonetasteRob KandellSix Conversations 3.3 - Monogamy In Homosexual Relationships With Jeff JacobsonTuff Love In the areas of love and romance, there are bound to be a... read more


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