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171: Align Your Body with Aaron Alexander

align the bodyAlign Therapyfunctional movementmovementrange of motionself-care Every moment is an opportunity to cultivate your mind, body, and movement. That is Aaron Alexander’s tagline for Align Therapy because he believes it would be insane for that not to be the... read more

169: unHidden Conversations: 3 unHIDDEN Conversations with Gina, Mary Lou & Tory

DatingPotentialself-careToo Much WomanTraumaunHidden Conversations Get inspired by three women as they share unHidden Conversations. Coach and speaker Gina Hatzis speaks about her viral video on what it means to be too much woman. She explores how women, too often,... read more

161: Physical and Emotional Health First with Lisa Carpenter

emotional healthhealth and wellnessphysical healthself-careweight lossworkaholic People put themselves in stressful positions. We’re overachievers and workaholics, and with all these things that we do we’re not even sure why. We so often neglect to take care of... read more


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