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134: Six Conversations 3.3 – Monogamy In Homosexual Relationships With Jeff Jacobson

Homosexual MonogamyHomosexual RelationshipHomosexualsJeff JacobsonMonogamy In Homosexual RelationshipsonetasteRob KandellSix Conversations 3.3 - Monogamy In Homosexual Relationships With Jeff JacobsonTuff Love In the areas of love and romance, there are bound to be a... read more

129: Brains over Blonde with Anna Wood

Anna WoodBrains Over BlondeBrains Over Blonde with Anna WoodonetasteRob KandellRobert KandellTuff LoveTuff Love Many women struggle with losing themselves in relationships. When they’re single, they can feel clear and connected to their sense of... read more

128: Ending The Patriarchy

Ending The PatriarchyonetastePatriarchpatriarchyRob KandellRobert KandellTuff LoveTuff Love What is patriarchy? Wikipedia says patriarchy is a social system in which males hold primary power and pre-dominate in roles of political leadership, moral,... read more

123: Isolation in the Modern Age

Isolation In The Modern AgeLifehacker.comonetasteRobert KandellTeal SwanTuff Love The concept and effects of isolation in the modern age as an adult has become one of the most important issues that is being dealt with today. It has been found that isolation has become... read more

109: Resolving to Drop your Sh*t

Drop Your Sh*tonetasteResolving To Drop Your ShitRobert KandellSummer KandellTuff Love Holding onto to anger or grudge is one way of engaging with people. This seems twisted, but this is the truth because holding grudges bring some kind of value for angry people. It’s... read more


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