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170: unHidden Conversations with Miriam, Kelsey, and Daniel

abundanceconfidencefemininemasculinePleasureSexuality Rob takes three of his favorite unHidden Conversations from powerful and energetic Facebook Lives that he did to celebrate his book launch. Sensual embodiment coach Miriam Elyse talks about pleasure and the... read more

169: unHidden Conversations: 3 unHIDDEN Conversations with Gina, Mary Lou & Tory

DatingPotentialself-careToo Much WomanTraumaunHidden Conversations Get inspired by three women as they share unHidden Conversations. Coach and speaker Gina Hatzis speaks about her viral video on what it means to be too much woman. She explores how women, too often,... read more

168: Worth It: Your Life, Your Money, Your Terms with Amanda Steinberg

FinancesLove And SexMoneyMotivationsrelationshipsSavings We constantly hear the traditional narrative about money: you grow up, get married, combine your finances, then save for retirement. However, what people fail to say is that it doesn’t always work in a linear... read more

167: The Good Dad Project: The Dad’s Edge with Larry Hagner

emotional resiliencefather woundGood Dad Projecthow to be a good dadThe 5 Love LanguagesThe Dad's Edge Probably 99.99% of us have a little father wound, a little issue with our own a father that’s impacted us. Larry Hagner is doing one of the most important... read more

166: Forgiveness Among The Genders

being humanConnectionevolutionforgivenessintimacypatriarchy The world is a form of transition. We live in a time of evolution and a time where things are changing dramatically and in so many different fashions. We’ve seen a significant change in the last 50 or... read more

165: Getting To Hell Yes with Alexandra Jamieson and Bob Gower

BoundariesBusinesschangeConnectionGetting To Hell Yesrelationships Getting to Hell Yes will teach you a simple, guided methodology that allows groups to increase empathy and trust. It can be used in sales, when launching a team, or at any point during the project... read more


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