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136: Six Conversations 3.4 – Stereotypes

HeterosexualsHomo And Hetero StereotypesHomosexualsJeff JacobsonRob KandellSix Conversations 3.4 - StereotypesStereotypesTuff Love As a man born of this society, my mind is filled with thousands of misconstrued gay stereotypes, having absorbed this from mainstream... read more

134: Six Conversations 3.3 – Monogamy In Homosexual Relationships With Jeff Jacobson

Homosexual MonogamyHomosexual RelationshipHomosexualsJeff JacobsonMonogamy In Homosexual RelationshipsonetasteRob KandellSix Conversations 3.3 - Monogamy In Homosexual Relationships With Jeff JacobsonTuff Love In the areas of love and romance, there are bound to be a... read more

123: Isolation in the Modern Age

Isolation In The Modern AgeLifehacker.comonetasteRobert KandellTeal SwanTuff Love The concept and effects of isolation in the modern age as an adult has become one of the most important issues that is being dealt with today. It has been found that isolation has become... read more

119: The Guys’ Guy’s Guide to Love In This Day And Age with Robert Manni

Guy’s Guy RadioRobert KandellRobert ManniThe Guys' Guy's Guide to LoveTuff Love What does it take to be a man? With how contemporary culture has evolved, Robert Manni explores the idea of authenticity in present-day society where it has become confusing to be a man in... read more

114: Six Conversations​ 1.6: Playing With Polarities, How To Attract And When To Switch

Arielle BrowneMasculine Versus Feminine IntegrityPlaying with PolaritiesRelationshipRobert KandellTuff Love There is a spark in all men and women between their masculine and feminine energy. This is called polarity and just like we learned in seventh grade science, a... read more


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