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219: Understanding Men with Allison Armstrong

Alison Armstrong has been designing, leading, and executing a prodigious array of transformational projects for adults and children for nearly 30 years. Alongside her friend Joan McClain, she founded PAX Programs Incorporated with the mission of “altering society’s... read more

213: Libido, Desire and Arousal with Susan Bratton

Susan Bratton is an author, award-winning speaker and serial entrepreneur who champions passionate relationships. Her straight-forward love-making advice is rooted in her personal experience of watching her marital intimacy wither as she and her husband pursued... read more

210: Sexuality as the Gateway Drug for Intimacy with Caity Flannagan and Matt Sturm

Caity Flannagan and Matt Sturm are the co-founders of Embodied Erotic – a community for sacred sexuality, intimacy, and personal growth. Drawing on Neo-Tantra, Core Shamanic practices, somatic psychotherapy, yoga and meditation, they offer a unique experience... read more

207: Three Pillars for Equanimity Practical tools from spiritual teachings

Pablo Lucero is a renowned Yoga instructor and designer of Functional Movement – a powerful and skillful integrative practice rooted in the ancient philosophies of Yoga, Ancestral Indigenous Healing Arts and Functional Movement Methodologies. Pablo aims to... read more

206: Getting Out of the Man Box: Exploring the relationship men have with their emotions

Dr. John Schinnerer is an U.C. Berkeley-trained coach with a Ph.D. in educational psychology, who provides executive coaching and organizational consulting with a scientific basis, with previous clients ranging from AskJeeves to Visa, FedEx to Starbucks.Drawing from... read more

205: The Rob and Ken Show: Speaking the truth about sex in relationships

Ken Blackman is a sex and relationship expert who has worked with hundreds of couples from San Francisco to Paris to Sydney, and trained thousands of students in his workshops on sex, intimacy and connection. With nearly two decades of experience, Ken’s powerful,... read more


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