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071: WTF is up with Romance Today?

Live CoachingRob KandellRobert KandellRomance TodayTuff LoveTuffLove.liveWTF is up with Romance Today? The way millennials have been dating makes romance today very confusing. Men in their 30s and 40s want to date women half their age, and these women also look at... read more

068: A Woman’s Ego with Arielle Brown

arielle brownLive CoachingRob KandellTuff LoveTuff Love RadioTuffLove.liveWoman's Ego What women want from men is for them to become a strong and steady person that can handle them so well that they have no fear of unraveling themselves. However, women often conceal... read more

062: The Ever-Changing Identity

Burning ManIdentityLive CoachingonetasteRob KandellRobert KandellThe Ever-Changing IdentityTuff Who are we? What is our identity? Everything is constantly changing and nothing lasts forever. It’s important to look into identity because who we think... read more


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