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Robert Kandell

141: Time To Be A Kid: Knowing When To Grow Up

141: Time To Be An Adult: Knowing When To Grow Upadulthoodgrowing upgrowthknowing when to grow upmillenialsparents and grandparentsRobert Kandelltimetime to be an adultTuff Love In the news this week, a 30-year old man moves out of his parent’s house after they... read more

129: Brains over Blonde with Anna Wood

Anna WoodBrains Over BlondeBrains Over Blonde with Anna WoodonetasteRob KandellRobert KandellTuff LoveTuff Love Many women struggle with losing themselves in relationships. When they’re single, they can feel clear and connected to their sense of... read more

128: Ending The Patriarchy

Ending The PatriarchyonetastePatriarchpatriarchyRob KandellRobert KandellTuff LoveTuff Love What is patriarchy? Wikipedia says patriarchy is a social system in which males hold primary power and pre-dominate in roles of political leadership, moral,... read more

127: Getting off the Merry Go Round of Stress with Randy Spelling

Freedom GroupGetting off the Merry Go Round of Stress with Randy SpellingRandy SpellingRobert KandellTuff Love At some point in our lives, we’ve all felt like we were being dragged around by life and on a merry-go-round of stress instead of being in the driver seat.... read more

125: What the Hell is ‘Great Sex’ Anyway? with Ken Blackman

Great Sexken blackmanRobert KandellTuff Love There are many men in the world who seem to be succeeding at everything, except when it has something to do with women. Ken Blackman was once one of those men until he figured out that he needed to shut off that part of his... read more


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