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Join a Community-Driven Mastermind, NOT a lecture.
Dive deep, share insights, and grow together.

“Robert has been game-changing in helping us
figure out our financial management strategy in less than 3 hours.”
Barry Stamos, CEO of Supernova

Program Details

  • FORECAST: Your guide to success in business.
  • Weekly Meetings: Every Thursdays at 9 AM PST/ 12 PM EST/ 6 PM GMT.
  • Mastermind Approach: Learn by discussing and solving real-world challenges together.
  • Discussion Board: A platform to connect, share, and grow with fellow members.
  • Branding:Stay tuned for our upcoming IG and TikTok channels!

What’s Unique about YFF?

  • Guided Learning: The unique FORECAST model ensures you’re always on the right path.
  • Community Driven: Weekly 90-minute meetings to brainstorm and navigate business challenges together.
  • Expert Insights: Regular participation from business experts, including Robert Kandell.
  • Continuous Engagement: A dedicated discussion board for members to continue the conversation beyond meetings.

Build Your Financial Forecast


YFF Mastermind Community


1-1 Sessions with Robert + Team


Top 5 Reasons to Join YFF

  1. You NEED a Roadmap. Would you drive in LA without a GPS?
  2. Learn what NOT to do from your peers.
  3. Entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be a lonely business.
  4. Yes, avoiding that one document from the IRS can be expensive. Get advice on protecting yourself
  5. Numbers can be fun. Let us show you how.

What clients are saying

When my Controller/Office Manager left with very little notice and I was set to go overseas for two weeks, Rob literally saved the day. From across the country he stepped in, took over my business, and immediately began implementing improvement. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without him.

~ Lesly Kahn, Owner Lesly Kahn Acting School

Rob can be a secret weapon for any small business owner who is ready to get underneath the hood and look honestly at the numbers, process inefficiencies, leadership blind spots in order to prepare for the next level of scale. Rob’s grounded approach is a perfect balance for any quick start CEO who needs to leverage their time and stay focused on what matters most. Your future self (and bank account) will thank you for hiring Rob and receiving his strategic counsel.

~ Ariel Radack Krannner, COO New Law Business Model


You have three options on how to engage in this program

Build Your Financial Forecast


YFF Mastermind Community


1-1 Sessions with Robert + Team


Are you an ESTABLISHED (mid 7-figure +) business and want more direct support?


I’m on a mission to create a win-win scenario with my clients.

Tony Robbins say that there are three types of people needed for a successful, growing business: The Visionary, the Manager and the Entrepreneur.

All your hard work to drive the business has paid off, and you can feel the motion of your business.

1. The Visionary is usually the business owner, the creator of the product, the driver of the company.
2. The Entrepreneur is the networker, the person to market and expand the business.
3. The Manager… Well, they just hold everything together and support the action of the prior two.

If you are the visionary behind your business, I’m here to be your support system.

As you drive your company forward, I handle the back-office aspects, including finance, tax, human resources, and legal coordination.

(Not accepting any clients at this time.)


Is this a one-time fee?

The Forecast is a one-time fee of $147. If you decide to join our Mastermind, you can upgrade to $77 per month ongoing. You are free to cancel at any point.

Are you ready to embark on Your Financial Journey?

I believe in the power of the Mastermind. The highs and lows of my Business journey can inform your process and vice-a-versa. I believe that we all want mastery in our craft. As JFK liked to say, “A rising tide lifts all boats”. Together, we all elevate our practices for mutual benefit.

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