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170: unHidden Conversations with Miriam, Kelsey, and Daniel

abundanceconfidencefemininemasculinePleasureSexuality Rob takes three of his favorite unHidden Conversations from powerful and energetic Facebook Lives that he did to celebrate his book launch. Sensual embodiment coach Miriam Elyse talks about pleasure and the... read more

163: Your Erotic Blueprint with Jaiya Ma

Erotic Blueprintkinkyorgasmsensualsexual compatibilitySexuality Sexuality changes. It’s not something that stays the same our whole lifetime. It is malleable, it moves, and it changes as life experience, hormones, menopause, and having children happens. Sex... read more

113: Relationship With Sexuality: One Man’s Confession

One Man's ConfessionRelationshipRelationship with SexualityRelationship With Sexuality One Man's ConfessionRobert KandellSexualityTuff Love Men are just programmed to hide the things they think will make them look weak and vulnerable to the rest of the world. Things... read more


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