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180: Patriarchy In Business: A One-On-One Interview by Peter Rubin

#MeToochauvinismcompulsive production mindsetMasculine/Feminine RatiopatriarchyunHIDDEN Patriarchy is practiced in this society as men hold primary power, and it has been around for 3500 to 4000 BCE. However, men cannot ignore the shift of women rising into a position... read more

110: Six Conversations 1.3 – Masculine Versus Feminine Integrity, Finding The Balance

#MeTooarielle brownLightning In A BottleMasculine Versus Feminine IntegrityRobert KandellTuff LoveVictor Baranco Within our bodies are energies called the masculine and the feminine. There are times during the day when a man’s masculine shifts to its feminine, and he... read more

107: The Art of Verbal Self-Defense with Kasia Urbaniak

#MeTooArt of Verbal Self-DefenseKasia UrbaniakonetastePsychology TodaySister GoddessVerbal Self-Defense Emotions govern judgement, which is why there a need for us to understand and use them as fuel for our passion. But the passion of a man is different from a woman.... read more

094: The VERY Important Conversation About #meToo

#MeToorelateRobert KandellTuff Love When people are put in a position of power, they are also put in a position of abuse. This is a natural occurrence in a society where men do not carry the emotional burden to battle gendered violence. Men know that harassment,... read more


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