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Words Are Singularly The Most Powerful Tool Available To Humanity…


Where is your communication failing you?

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Master Your Communication

End Any Argument- Have Better Relationships – Gain Power and Influence

The Step by Step Blueprint
for Living unHidden

Feel Under-potentiated In Life And Your Career?

Want More From Your Intimate Relationships?

Desire To Excel At Work But It’s Just Not Working?

Don’t Worry I Have Been There Too…

I’ve dedicated my life to understanding and teaching three things:

  • How to become the man/woman you want to be in the world… so you can live without shame, fear, or feeling paralyzed by outdated gender roles.
  • How to unhook from the rules society instilled inside of you that control your lifeand be able to look back on a life fully lived in which you met your full potential.
  • How to relate to those you love … So you can have relationships filled with love and continual growth.

I’ve taught over 10,000 students in 400 workshops, coaching sessions and lectures how to live an authentic, unHIDDEN life.

The end result? I have learned to love who I am, I have a loving marriage with a powerful woman, and I wake up every day excited and on-purpose

You can have this too….

As featured in…


A Book For Men And Those Confused By Them

Join Us on dec. 6th!

unhidden book launch

(Download The First 3 Chapters Free Here)


Getting off the Merry Go Round of Stress
with Randy Spelling

At some point in our lives, we’ve all felt like we were being dragged around by life and on a merry-go-round of stress instead of being in the driver seat. Randy Spelling knows that feeling all too well.

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The Art of Verbal Self-Defense
with Kasia Urbaniak

Emotions govern judgement, which is why there a need for us to understand and use them as fuel for our passion. But the passion of a man is different from a woman. In a patriarchal society, women don’t have a voice…

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Maintaining Connections
with Bryan Reeves

Men and women have different needs and ways of maintaining connection. The former tends to struggle most with it. Delving deeper into that is life and relationship coach Bryan Reeves.

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Conflict And Mess
with Nastaran Tavakoli-Far

Nas is the host of the highly successful and amazing podcast, The Gender Knot. Our first meeting was when we recorded my guest appearance on the show about men and shame.

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Your Erotic Blueprint
with Jaiya Ma

Sexuality changes. It’s not something that stays the same our whole lifetime. It is malleable, it moves, and it changes as life experience, hormones, menopause, and having children happens.

read more

How To Optimize Your Communication Skills In 10 Minutes Or Less!

Meet Robert

Check out new content, lectures, and free resources created just for you or get t o know Rob and see whats possible!

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    Love the show! Bold and beneficial to so many. Can't recommend it more...

    thumb Jeremiah Tittle

    5 star review  Robert is a beacon for conscious dialogue around relating, manhood, and the conversation between feminine and masculine. Really enjoy his humor, insight, and perspective.

    thumb Kevin Oroszlán

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