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157: Maintaining Connections with Bryan Reeves

intimacyMaintaining ConnectionsMenPleasurerelationshipswomen Men and women have different needs and ways of maintaining connection. The former tends to struggle most with it. Delving deeper into that is life and relationship coach Bryan Reeves. Bryan talks about the... read more

156: Women, Rage, And The Sexual Shadow with Eva Clay And Tobin Zivon

RageRelationshipsexSexual ShadowSuppressed Angerwomen For millennia, women have been conditioned to suppress their anger, borne of well-founded consequences such as violence, exile, and even death. Most women carry not only a lifetime of our own rage, but the... read more

153: Conflict And Mess with Nastaran Tavakoli-Far

Conflict And MessConfrontEgoFeminismpatriarchywomen Nas is the host of the highly successful and amazing podcast, The Gender Knot. Our first meeting was when we recorded my guest appearance on the show about men and shame. There are many ways that I can describe my... read more

116: Six Conversations 2.1: The Victim Archetype in Romance & Relationship

Arielle BrowneJamie ThompsonLive CoachingRelationshipRobert KandellTuff Lovevictimvictim archetypewomen There are many cultures across the world where the image of women is projected as the victim archetype. For them to find true love, they must wait for their prince... read more


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