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#metoo movement

176: Angry At The Gillette Ad? Good!

#metoo movementGenderGillette AdMenSexual HarassmentunHIDDEN Rob gives his take on the Gillette ad that has been gaining a lot of attention recently. With the line “Gillette, Be The Best Man You Can Be,” people have been going back and forth about their own opinions,... read more

164: Exquisite Consent with the Brotherhood Community

#metoo movementattunementBrotherhood Communitycreating spaceoptimizing your sex lifesexual consent While a lot of men are freaking out about the #MeToo movement, some of us are finding that embracing ever more exquisite levels of consent and attunement with women is... read more

106: Six Conversations 1.1 – Boundaries, Consent & Power Dynamics

#metoo movementarielle brownken blackmanonetastePower DynamicsRobert KandellTuff Love Checking in if a woman is still a “yes” until she is a “no” is a complicated discussion in itself. Knowing and respecting boundaries puts value on a woman, making her feel that she... read more


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