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243: Why Aren’t Couples Having Sex? with Megan Lambert

May 26, 2020

243: Why Aren’t Couples Having Sex? with Megan Lambert

Megan Lambert is an intimacy expert, specializing in helping couples reignite their sex life, and singles dismantle walls to love in order to find their life partner. She offers 1:1 and couples’ coaching as well as workshops and retreats around the world.

She holds a summa cum laude double BA in psychology and neuroscience from the University of Southern California. She spent 4 years as an executive leadership coach and facilitator for Fortune 100 companies before leaving the corporate world to start her own company. She’s a master-level certified relationship & sexuality coach, with 5 years of experience helping hundreds of people experience more connection, intimacy, and love in their lives. She currently lives in Ubud, Bali where she leads workshops along with ecstatic dance and yoga classes.

2:20 – Her journey to where she is today
5:22 – Love and sex during quarantine
8:20 – What is significance?
10:29 – Opening up in her own relationship
12:40 – Bringing both partners’ needs into a relationship
14:32 – Coaching women who think there are no good men
18:04 – Phases of sexuality in her own relationship
20:44 – Working with a couple where one partner is not open
23:52 – Self-exploration practices
26:28 – A success story
28:12 – The comfort of resentment
29:20 – Fem Rising retreats
30:56 – Fear of desire
33:02 – Her big desire

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