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247: Saving Sex for Marriage with Robb Kowalski

Jun 23, 2020

247: Saving Sex for Marriage with Robb Kowalski

Rob Kowalski is a self-professed “reformed bad boy” with a riveting personal testimony from living as the biggest stripper in his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland to running the nightlife. He gave up a life of casual sex and addictions and is now the founder of the thriving non-profit, CityFam whose mission is to solve loneliness. Raised by a mother with an eighth-grade education, only fifteen years his elder and no support from his father, he taught himself how to be a man. At 19 he began working for the various entertainment agencies “to get out of the hood” and put himself through college. Oftentimes after he got off work he would go out to the nightclubs with co-workers. Because he was well known he was approached by a club owner and asked to promote a night. It wasn’t long before Rob became known for his ability to bring people together and move crowds. By 1999 he had weekly parties running in Baltimore and DC. But the lifestyle took its toll and at 27 years of age Rob had a life-changing experience and decided to head in a more positive direction. Instantly, with no real plan, Rob did what he describes as “a complete 180”, quitting his jobs and going from popular party boy to homebody. Through his journey, he discovered a major void for anyone looking to make positive changes in their life. Rob became passionate about finding a community of like-minded people, that like him were searching for “fun without regret” as well as wanting to make a positive contribution to society. When he couldn’t find it, because he was good at bringing people together and getting the word out, he created CityFam.

Currently, Rob serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for CityFam 501(c)3. He is the author of the best-selling book, Why Waiting Works, and has the #1 video in its category worldwide on YouTube with 10 Reasons Not To Have Sex Before Marriage with over 1.5 million views and climbing. In his spare time, Rob also runs a promotion company that puts on some of the largest concerts and events in Baltimore like the Charm City Countdown New Year’s Eve Party. Rob believes in using his ability to promote social events to bring awareness to causes in the community and recruit people that may have never volunteered to serve. Rob believes that if you socialize with the right group and give back to the community, YOU change and become the best version of yourself. Rob is working on opening a coffee bar/live music venue called HOME. It will serve as a meeting place for anyone craving deep, meaningful connections and redefine how people self-actualize. Rob’s story has recently been featured in numerous publications including; Daily Mirror, Chat, Daily Mail, Antena Stars, Trinitas, God TV, and others.

3:05 – Rob’s story
6:43 – Male role models from movies
8:03 – His relationship with his mother
9:40 – Statistics regarding sex and marriage
12:20 – How much does waiting matter?
17:45 – Why not something in the middle?
22:33 – Non-monogamous relationships and communication
29:10 – What about people evolving with time?
31:32 – Men and women in waiting for marriage for sex
35:33 – How do you know you won’t lose connection after having sex in marriage?
36:42 – Cityfam

Find Rob at:
As well as his book “Why Waiting Works”:

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