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250: The Power of Polarity in Relationships with Arielle Brown

Jul 14, 2020

250: The Power of Polarity in Relationships with Arielle Brown

In this episode, Rob welcomes long-time friend and colleague Arielle Brown to discuss the premise for the workshop that they held on June 17th 2020.

Arielle describes the workshop as follows:
“The degree of power and influence we have in our life is directly related to the amount of sensation we can hold in our body. Similarly, the level of ability we have to create real, authentic connection in our lives is directly related to our ability to hold polarity within our body. To “hold polarity”, in my definition, means to be able to hold (at least) two perspectives, truths, or belief systems within our awareness that seem to DIRECTLY conflict with each other. The cultivation of holding polarity is a practice in personal mastery, because in a world that has taught us to believe that being “right” is what creates safety, allowing ourselves to consider and hold a perspective that directly challenges our belief systems is a great threat to our (Ego) identity. Robert Kandell and I have built much of our respective bodies of work around intimacy, sexuality, communication, and human relating, on the premise that true safety is based on our ability to be CONNECTED in our relationships, rather than being RIGHT.”

3:09 – The motivation for Rob and Arielle’s workshop
6:43 – Being honest with your partner and yourself
11:23 – Different speeds of evolution in relationships
13:36 – Doing inner work and how it affects relationships
16:48 – What is distortion?
17:56 – Jealousy and polarity
23:24 – Why did Rob start this work?
30:17 – What do men need?
32:53 – Women holding space for men
36:04 – The impact of shifts in relationships on sex
41:19 – Their workshop

To get a flavor of what was covered, check out these videos:

What Does it Mean When Something Is Polarizing?:

Polarity Workshop Teaser with Arielle & Rob:
Find Arielle at:

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