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180: Patriarchy In Business: A One-On-One Interview by Peter Rubin

#MeToochauvinismcompulsive production mindsetMasculine/Feminine RatiopatriarchyunHIDDEN Patriarchy is practiced in this society as men hold primary power, and it has been around for 3500 to 4000 BCE. However, men cannot ignore the shift of women rising into a position... read more

179: Sex, Consciousness And Plant-Medicine with Gerard Powell

Divine FeminineHealthLifePlant-MedicineShamanTransformation We all go through life having grown out of our ways and discover some things that show us what we have really been missing. Gerard Powell knows this journey all too well. From having a troubled childhood and... read more

178: Recovering From Perfectionism with Abigail Gazda

Feminine EnergyGiving Up Giving UpMasculine EnergyoverachievingPerfectionismSelf-Love For some, the perfectionist inside of us tends to hold us back more than we thought it would be. It keeps us from achieving and even from loving ourselves. Life coach and founder of... read more

177: No More Mr. Nice Guy with Dr. Robert Glover

AccountabilityAuthenticitynice guyrelationshipsState of Men Being nice does not mean you are being true to yourself. Recovering nice guy and author of the book No More Mr. Nice Guy, Dr. Robert Glover, takes us into what he learned over the years about the state of men... read more

176: Angry At The Gillette Ad? Good!

#metoo movementGenderGillette AdMenSexual HarassmentunHIDDEN Rob gives his take on the Gillette ad that has been gaining a lot of attention recently. With the line “Gillette, Be The Best Man You Can Be,” people have been going back and forth about their own opinions,... read more

175: How to Peel Back The Layers Of The “Shoulds” with Kelsey Abbott

acceptanceconfidencefind your awesomeself-awarenessstep out of the boxtrue awareness Many of us are still attached to the labels and people’s old perception of us even if there’s something else that we want or we can be. We tend to cover ourselves with... read more


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