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221: Changing your Mindset with Marla Mattenson

Dec 24, 2019

221: Changing your Mindset with Marla Mattenson

Marla Mattenson is an established Intimacy Expert, who works with entrepreneur couples to redefine their romantic relationship, as well as their business. With a background in mathematics and neuroscience, Marla uses pattern recognition to reveal the negative habitual responses couples experience and guides them in shifting so that new, healthier mindsets can be reached, allowing for desired outcomes to be achieved.

3:00 – Competition in the relationship work industry
5:45 – Defining mindset
9:29 – Judgements in relationship
13:46 – Consciously choosing how to react to an upset partner
17:52 – Making the conscious decision to pivot towards one-another
24:23 – Diving into uncomfortable emotions
27:34 – Collaboration and antagonism in relationship
31:21 – Freedom, evolution, and the power of “Yes, and…” in relationships
34:19 – Disagreement and interpreting “No”
38:45 – Consciously choosing behaviors to achieve desired outcomes
44:16 – Business and romance in relationships

Find Marla at:
Instagram: @theintimacyexperts

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