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223: Being a Mentally Tough Man with Dominick Quartuccio & Bryan Stacey

Jan 7, 2020

223: Being a Mentally Tough Man with Dominick Quartuccio & Bryan Stacey

Dominick Quartuccio and Bryan Stacy are two men generating worthy inquiry and meaningful introspection into the forces that shape a man’s sexuality, behavior and intimate relationships. Through their podcast, The Great Man Within (formerly The Man Amongst Men), running regular retreats, and their monthly live event The Discerning Dick, they are creating forums for men to discuss what it means to be a man today, and giving them the tools to become the Great Men that they all have the potential to be.

3:09 – Men’s behavior with women
8:10 – Power dynamics and behavior
13:46 – The “Hitch” model of consent
16:12 – Practices for mental toughness:
16:42 – Breathwork and the 60-second breath challenge
21:18 – The difference having support makes
24:58 – 100 press up challenge
27:06 – Cold showers
31:49 – Long-form meditation
35:56 – Temporary absence periods
42:31 – 30-day no dessert challenge

Find Dominick and Bryan at:
And their resources:

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