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245: Compassionately Dismantling the Patriarchy with Harriette Hale

Jun 9, 2020

245: Compassionately Dismantling the Patriarchy with Harriette Hale

Harriette is the UK’s Leading Certified Soul, Money and Mindset coach. A serial entrepreneur with 12 years experience and six businesses, Harriette has a global clientele base of creative and spiritual freelancers, fellow entrepreneurs and individuals on the path to self-growth and ascension. Her teaching & coaching stems from principles based in Universal Energy Law, first inspired by the well known ‘Law Of Attraction’ ideology, however, the practical side of business and life coaching takes equal precedence.

As the High Priestess of Light, Harriette also applies her energy healing, energy reading, and powerful psychic channel to coaching and mastermind sessions to create a truly life-transforming result.

Author of ‘The Knowing’, public speaker, and general Light-bringer-about-town, Harriette is both down to earth and fully tuned in to the Universe, on her mission to bring the true meaning of Abundance back to Planet Earth.

2:30 – What’s going on in the world?
5:09 – Fear
8:40 – The importance of negative emotions
13:50 – What is a high priestess?
19:31 – Connecting to one’s intuition
22:48 – Compassionately dismantling the patriarchy
28:04 – #MeToo and communication
30:56 – Flowing between masculine and feminine
35:24 – Advice for couples
38:26 – The importance of patience with partners

Find Harriette at:
As well as her School of Mastery:

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