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202: The Role of Creativity in Your Evolution with Adam Roa

Aug 14, 2019

202: The Role of Creativity in Your Evolution with Adam Roa

Adam Roa is an inspired speaker, author, coach, and business consultant. Through his video series “The Art of Choosing Love” Adam explores his personal relationship with intimacy and his traumas, and his search for understanding ‘what it means to be a conscious, empowered man’. A prolific artist, Adam uses film, music, and spoken word to explore messages of creativity, love, and transformation.

3:04 – Adam’s transition out of his 10-year relationship to where he is today
6:41 – The rising to consciousness of past trauma
10:51 – Feeling unsafe in being the object of sexual desire
16:28 – The response of people to their partners’ trauma
18:27 – The importance of holding space and validating people when they open up
22:59 – Becoming single for the first time as an adult
29:04 – Having a camera on your life
38:46 – The Grey Zone

Find Adam at:
Instagram @Adam.Roa
As well as Adam’s YouTube series “The Art of Choosing Love”:
And listen to his podcast “The Deep Dive with Adam Roa”

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