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241: Brave Conversations with Elisabeth Cardiello

May 12, 2020

241: Brave Conversations with Elisabeth Cardiello

This infinitely curious, coffee-loving, Brooklyn native had business cards at six and her first product on shelves at 13. After graduating from college, where she played Division 1 soccer, and business school with highest honors, she spent four years on Wall Street, at an investment bank and at a $4 billion alternative asset management fund. She dealt with loss, found her passion, more loss and learned the meaning of post-traumatic growth. She started a coffee company called Caffè Unimatic, with an awe-inspiring story, featured in the Netflix documentary “Coffee For All”. She has gone on to create a line of coffee, give two TEDx talks, co-found an education company to deploy the methodology designed to instill an unshakable sense of confidence and resilience in college-age women and started speaking in the US and abroad. Most recently, she’s combined her passions and become host of Brave Conversations Over Coffee, a workshop series, whose structure is rooted in neuroscience and grounded in the world’s favorite morning ritual, to help us trust ourselves more and become someone that others can trust as well. Her family is still wondering where that shy nine-year-old went…

3:34 – Her coffee business, Unimatic
9:34 – Dealing with moments of doubt
16:22 – The motivation behind brave conversations over coffee
18:31 – What makes a brave conversation?
21:49 – How to listen: B.R.A.V.E.
27:30 – Responses to her work in businesses
30:32 – Isolation
33:18 – Future tripping
34:20 – How Unimatic works

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Her TEDx Talk:

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