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075: Dealing with Debt

Dealing with DebtMint.comonetasteQuickenRob KandellTuff Love Our concept of debt can be divided into two types. We have conscious debt and unconscious debt. An example of conscious debt is signing up for business loans. We are aware that when we sign our names on the... read more

073: Exiting the Prisons We Create

Exiting The Prisons We CreatePrisonRob KandellTuff When we enter relationships, we sometimes create prisons inside us when we don’t speak out what our desires are. One way of exiting these prisons we create is through communication because this is... read more

064: How to Set & Keep Goals

GoalsHow to Set & Keep GoalsKeep GoalsLive CoachingRobert KandellSet GoalsSetting and Keeping GoalsTuff Love Setting and keeping your goals is a big piece because there’s only one life that we’re living. Why not live it to the fullest and live it to the exact way... read more

059: How to Bend Time

How To Bend TimeRobert KandellTime ManagementTuff Love If you’re an efficient person, you’re always looking for ways to optimize time, money, energy, and thought by making things better faster. This is time management. Being able to manage your time effectively is... read more

057: Traveling? Me? Part 2/2

Robert KandellselftravelTraveling by YourselfTuff Loveyourself The concept of traveling by yourself can sometimes be uncomfortable because of our fear of the unknown and being out of our element. However, saying yes to an adventure and all the experiences can be... read more

056: Traveling? Me? Part 1/2

concept of travelingconceptsRobert KandelltravelingTuff Love Traveling is not just to go to a place, but also find out who you are. The concept of traveling is discovering what’s more of you to come out and evolve through all these experiences. A lot of people have... read more


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