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208: The Beauty of Conflict with CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke

Oct 6, 2019

208: The Beauty of Conflict with CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke

CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke are a couple who together run Thrive! Coaching & Consulting, offering coaching for individuals, couples, and corporates. Founded in 2002, they work with leadership teams, management groups, project teams and senior executive teams to resolve conflict in real time and use it to drive collective creativity, profits, and extraordinary results. They teach that conflict is natural when smart, passionate people work together towards an ambitious goal. The trick is learning how to use that conflict as a healthy driver for collective creativity.

2:50 – Cris Marie’s background
7:28 – Susan’s background
11:37 – Their book “The Beauty of Conflict”
14:15 – Being right or being relational
19:18 – A pragmatic tool for resolving conflict in romantic relationships
24:48 – A pragmatic tool for resolving conflict in business relationships
28:57 – Trends relating to women in business and society at large
33:33 – Being in the discomfort of conflict, rather than avoiding it
39:34 – Where they would like their book to go

Find CrisMarie and Susan at:
As well as their book “The Beauty of Conflict for Couples”:

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