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What women want from men is for them to become a strong and steady person that can handle them so well that they have no fear of unraveling themselves. However, women often conceal this desire because of the way society has told them to act and behave. Arielle Brown sees a lot of women today try to emulate men by way of independence and achievements, as if almost saying that they don’t need men, when on the contrary, they do. Men are their connection to desires, fears, and ego, and vice versa.

This show is on the concept of a woman’s ego, a follow up to the show on a man’s ego. I invited my good friend and colleague, Arielle Brown, from San Francisco to discuss this challenging topic around a woman’s ego and what gets triggered and how it is in the world today. We’ve dialogued around her experiences and what she needs around fear and her security and her vigilance center. We then have Dakota who just slays us with her honesty and vulnerability around her current way that she’s showing up more in her masculine in her relationship, more in her dominance, and how she wants to morph things with this relationship with this guy so he can be more secure in the bedroom and secure in their communications and secure in their relationship.

068: A Woman’s Ego with Arielle Brown

I’m very excited as always to be here doing the Tuff Love, saying the truth, impacting the world and trying to get some good nookie in the world. That’s what this is all about. It’s truly about me getting nookie. Nookie can mean many things to many people. I live that up to your imagination of what that means. I am so stoked for this show. We have my good friend Arielle to talk about the topic of a woman’s ego. The last show kicked my ass in positive ways because we talked about a man’s ego and it was super fun. I felt the depth of the show and how important it was. There was a message and then I took this little clip that I’m about to release to the Facebook viral gods to hold this part about why I don’t teach men to touch any more. I’ve been talking about and thinking about it and I want to do a follow-up show. The thought of me doing a show on woman’s ego scared the shit out of me to be honest. I could have pulled it off and it would probably have been entertaining and somewhat informative and not put my foot in my mouth too many times, but I thought it would just be much more powerful to bring my buddy, Arielle, on the show. Let’s do that without further ado. Hello, darling.

How are you?

Good. How’s it going?

I’m so happy that you’re happy to be here. It’s a love fest.

The way that this is going to work is Arielle is going to speak for a few moments and then we’re going to have a little dialogue and discussion about a woman’s ego. I’ll throw in my points. She’ll throw in her points. We’ll probably agree on most of it and maybe a few debates will occur. Then our new friend, Dakota, is going to come. She’s going to be coached by both of us on the topic that she decides.

Do you want you to introduce yourself to tell the world who you are?

My name is Arielle Brown and I’m a coach specifically on helping people create the relationships that they truly want, but have never experienced. I do one-on-one coaching but I also facilitate groups called Essential Intimacy where a bunch of people gather together and we play these different communication games that allow you to reveal your true essence so we can create authentic relationships, real relationships that have meaning, substance, and juice and all those wonderful things.

You’re a woman on a journey. Let’s talk about a woman’s ego. I talked about the topic, you said a few ideas, a few thoughts you’d like to share, so I want to give you the floor.

I had been coaching majoritively women for the past four or five years. Amidst that, I’ve been a woman on a journey for my entire life. A big focus of that has been romantic relationship. That’s been where the juicy spot is for me. In my explorations, what I’ve noticed is this resistance on the part of women to allow themselves to have the type of love, the type of connection, the type of intimacy that they truly desire with men. I want to acknowledge that I’m speaking for heterosexual people, men attracted to women, women attracted to men. I acknowledge I’m speaking about heterosexual experiences here.

What I root this or connect this to is the post-feminist movement. The feminist movement in itself was an incredibly important, incredibly powerful experience around women’s feeling equal and being treated equally. In many ways that is important, yet we have to acknowledge that there are natural differences that exist in men and in women. What I see is that a lot of women these days are walking around trying to be men, like “I don’t need men. I am independent, I am strong. I have clear boundaries.” It’s great in a lot of ways, but we often wind up pushing away the very connection that we desire from men and often shaming the very qualities in men that, if they could be exalted and expressed without shame, would be the things that turn us on.

TL 068 | Connection to Desires

Connection to Desires: We have to acknowledge that there are natural differences that exist in men and in women.

I live in a very alternative conscious, hippie-oriented town. It’s a beautiful example of so many of the men here almost castrated in a way. There’s a very effeminate quality to them and men are almost afraid of being like, “I’m going to let you know that I respect you and then I’m going to totally take advantage of you. As a man, I want to know that you respect me and then I want you to handle me.” I want that. A lot of women push that away. That’s the spot that I feel passionate about.

We want this quality from men. We want them to be strong. We want them to be that steady grounded pole. We want them to be the type of person that can handle us so well or hold us so well that we can just unravel and that we simultaneously have this fear of doing that. Start to look at where do we, as women, push away men when we can actually invite them in more.

What is it about a woman’s ego that’s created this scenario? Is it because of the post-feminist movement? Is it because women so struggled and continued to struggle for equality that now they need to be self-sufficient? Is the woman’s ego crying out to be like men or independent? What does the woman’s ego want?

The woman’s ego wants permission to be all the things that we’ve been told are too much. We live in a world where like irrationality, intuition, magic, emotionality, all these things that are the feminine are minimalized or marginalized or called crazy. Part of the reason I’m in this work in the first place is because I’ve spent so much time validating the fact that how I feel is deeply important. Even if I can’t justify or logically explain why it is so, that does not make it any less valid than a scientific formula.

I’m acknowledging that for the record. I was an overweight kid and I was bullied. The kids used to pick on me and call me “Barrier.” My middle name is Barry which is a horrible middle name. I was a child of the ‘70s. They used to tease me. What I learned was if I was a better bully than the bullies and I outbullied them, they would stop bullying me. It worked. I got meaner, faster, smarter, sharper, and crueler on some level. I was a big guy. They were like, “I can’t bully this guy anymore,” and so they stopped bullying me. When you were talking, I was like, “Is that what happened with women?” They have been so persecuted throughout the generations and now what they’re doing is somewhat, not persecute men, but just fight back so they won’t be persecuted?

I’m not going to get you in trouble for that. That’s a very similar thing that I would say to a lot of women that I coach, “Where are you punishing men? Where are you making a man work for it simply because you feel like he deserves it and it has nothing to do with him?”

There’s this great guy I want to get on the show. It’s a long shot but his name is Steven and he’s a dating coach for women. He’s fucking hilarious. I have a bromance/brocrush on him. He said this great thing, “It’s fine for women to ask out men, but men need to show up and have the investment,” and I thought that was good. There’s a level of investment that men need to make and in terms of a woman’s ego. I’ve been talking to a lot of women my entire life, especially my entire career. There is some level of commitment and investment that men need to penetrate a woman’s ego for the woman to feel like they’re ready to show up.

I’ll speak to the current partnership that I have. One of the things that I love about the partnership with a man that I have is that everything that I thought was too much, all of my ambivalence, because I love being ambivalent, he gets turned on and will stay in those spots where most men would get bored, busy, burnt out, and that is huge for me.

You were saying ambivalent. I don’t know if it was my impression or your projection, but that had a negative connotation to it. Did it? That’s the thing, it does.

Ambivalence can be great, but if you stagnate in it, it can just burn a lot of energy without channeling it into anything.

Like anything, if you stay too long, it tends to rot. Even the best chocolate ice cream, if you leave it out in the sun, that shit’s melted. You got to eat that stuff fast. My point is your guy can handle you and approves of your emotions. This is a big piece of what a woman’s ego wants. It is simply the permission to be a woman and all the characteristics that aren’t men.

To not feel like it’s a weakness. That’s the biggest thing. When we were talking about the show that he has been naming some things in me that I have work to do on, and to just feel that what makes me a woman is what makes me powerful versus what makes me weak or less than a man because there’s some pretty deep conditioning and I have no desire to be a victim of it, but it’s important to acknowledge it. To have a man who can help me to feel the attributes that make me a woman, if I can lean into them and be in permission of them are what makes me powerful. It’s a wonderful thing.

The woman’s ego wants permission to be all the things that we’ve been told are too much. Click To Tweet

We got a complicated game board at the moment. There’re lots of little open pieces, so I’m going to try to masculinize it and connect the dots. Let’s go back to the point where women are acting more like men, which I agree with. Someone just said women are acting more like men, and men are acting more like boys. What’s happening in our society is that the turn of feminism as it rises, women are turning more to their masculinity because of the unsafe nature of the rise of the feminine. In that, the woman wants to be handled, she wants permission, but because she doesn’t feel permission from the men to be all in her feminine, her ego then says, “Fuck it. I’ll just be more like a man. I will out-man these men.”

What winds up happening is I spent the first half of my twenties attracting a lot of men who I didn’t respect and I didn’t enjoy my sexual experience with and I wasn’t attracted to, but because I was so attached to a more masculine way of being in the world, that was what was resonant for me. We as women have to get clear on what types of men do we want to attract into our life. What do we need to release? What do we need to work with within ourselves to invite that type of energy in?

Different topic, different concept. This has shown up in my world about four times is this concept of the woman’s vigilance center, her security, her safety. I’ve talked to a couple of couples or a woman in couple and saying that the woman doesn’t feel safe in her womanhood and doesn’t feel safe if her guy goes out and flirts or makes out with other people even if they’re in an open relationship. Let’s talk about security, a woman’s ego. What would you say to a man that would help a woman feels safer and more secure in a relationship?

I love this one because I’ve been doing a lot of work around jealousy in my current relationship. I’m in an open relationship. He texted me. We’re starting a project together, he is like, “I had to make out with this woman last night who is a PhD and she’s going to do our research for us.” I was like, “Oh.” The greatest thing that he’s done to get me to a point where I can say yes to that is be in approval of my jealousy. I want to feel my jealousy and just be transparent about it because if I feel myself solidly anchored with my man and I can feel like I got him, our love is there, then I can start to get turned on by him going out and having these connections with women because he shares them with me. Once I feel the anchor between us, I’m way more open to him going out and enjoying himself because he’s not hiding it from me. Once I feel he’s trying to cut off, I can sense it immediately. As long as I feel openness and a connection around it, even if it’s uncomfortable, it’s shifted from being something I don’t want to hear about to something that turns me on. It is this edgy thing that I’m like, “Oh.” That’s my experience.

In terms of your partner making out with the ladies, your ego has to be involved in that piece. What does your ego say about it when it feels totally secure? What does your ego say about it when it doesn’t feel so secure?

Let’s start with when it’s not secure because it’s been way more there. I want to demonize the woman. I want to hear about the things that aren’t good about her or the places where she’s fucked up or not awesome. The ego in me also wants to make it feel like he’s abandoning me. It’s this either/or thing and that I should pull back and protect myself because he’s doing this thing and if he loved me, then he wouldn’t be choosing anyone else. That’s been a hard stop because I want to feel like I’m the only one. Then when I’m secure, and I’m just recently starting to feel this, it’s “Holy fuck. Look at the connection that this man and I have where we get to play in this way and we’re so solid with each other.” There is this whole new element and we’re talking about bringing another woman into our relationship for some play together. It winds up as becoming a deeper and richer thing that feels an even deeper connection with him. That’s something I’m enjoying playing with and exploring.

TL 068 | Connection to Desires

Connection to Desires: To have a man who can help me to feel the attributes that make me a woman, if I can lean into them and be in permission of them are what makes me powerful.

It’s not the man’s job to have a woman feel secure. I’ll just speak personally. It’s my opportunity to have a deeper connection with Morgan as a choice. It’s not a job to do anything for my lady. It’s my opportunity, it’s my practice, it’s my mastery to have a woman feel so powerful and secure. It’s purely a choice and my choice alone.

I want to add to that also because I do agree that it’s not his job. That’s been the interesting spot of simultaneously feeling like I don’t want to need anyone and simultaneously feeling the power of the right combination of a man and a woman together and what is available through that. It’s an interesting paradox because it’s exactly what you said. There’s a beautiful nourishment there, but there’s a lot of inner work that needs to be done to get to the point where you know you’ve got yourself and then you can bring in that connection where there’s a beautiful synergy between those two things.

In today’s world, it’s getting harder and harder to feel self-validating and self-secure. It’s harder for a woman to feel beautiful with all the negative messaging and all the masculinity that’s going on from the White House down to your house. How do you work with your ego? How do you stroke your own ego? How do you continue to feel beautiful and self-validating? What are your techniques for that?

The first thing that came to mind is surrounding yourself with community that values who you are, surrounding yourself with community that values substance and what is beneath the skin so that you’re surrounding yourself with people who have substance. The other piece is I let myself have my emotional experience. Rather than trying to bypass sadness, rather than try to bypass anger, bypass jealousy, I give myself the space to drop in and feel the emotions because when we give ourselves the space to do that, it’s self-validating. It’s saying to your higher self, “I value what you’re feeling, what you’re wanting to express, so I’m going to give you the space to feel it all.”

It’s being right with who you are. From the childhood up, Morgan and Morgan’s kids, we demonstrated this a lot, it’s totally right to have all your feelings and what you want to learn from them. What’s the emotion trying to tell you? What’s the sense underneath the emotion? That’s empowering.

Live Coaching

Let’s bring our new friend, Dakota. She’s going to talk about an issue.

My name is Dakota.

How are you?

I’m good. It’s funny. I am super overwhelmed because I relate so much to everything that you are talking about that it’s almost disgusting. The last few days, what you are talking about ironically is what I’ve been talking about a lot with my community. I myself am also in an open relationship and I also live by the idea of women are the new men in a sense, and I try not to get too caught up in that. I want to continue with the theme if that’s okay. How can I feel secure in myself and also secure in my relationship? How can I have those be separate but also connecting? How can I do that because I struggle with that?

Thank you first for being on the show. I appreciate it. Let’s narrow it down a little bit. You’re in an open relationship. You’re facing your own balance of masculinity and femininity. Is that what I’m hearing?


How did it show up? What are some negative impacts on your life? Where does it hurt to be in this situation for you?

Where does it hurt to be in the situation of being in this open relationship and going through the struggle?

Give us something specific that we can put our fingers into.

My whole entire life, I’ve wanted to live in an open way. It wasn’t until recently that I felt open enough to be able to be open because of past relationships that hurt my ego. I’m in this place where I’m trying to let go of those old ideas and not allow those old relationships affect the relationship that I’m in. That’s where the most pain comes from. It is not from the current relationship that I’m in, but the relationships that I’ve been in that have given me that issue with my self-esteem.

Can you share a spot in your relationship where you feel like you’re embracing being a man as a woman is impacting you in a way that you don’t like?

In my relationship, I’m the more dominant one. I have a hard time tapping into my femi. I can be feminine but it’s hard for me to accept when I’m being feminine. I find myself constantly setting up, and I don’t know whether or not he notices it but I definitely do, this power dynamic of sometimes I almost think I’m better than him because I’m this dominant being and he’s more sensitive than me, and it hurts. It isn’t going the way that I want it to. I want it to feel equal and I have a hard time allowing it to be equal at times because of this masculinity that I feel within myself.

TL 068 | Connection to Desires

Connection to Desires: I want it to feel equal and I have a hard time allowing it to be equal at times because of this masculinity that I feel within myself.

Is it that you want it to be equal? It’s sounding like you’re wanting to experience some things in the relationship that would have you feel more feminine. I’m curious where is the spot where you’re wanting to relinquish control and happen to be more dominant?

In day-to-day life. Where is a particular spot? He’s gotten better at this but I want him to rise to the challenge of taking more initiative to call things out that aren’t going the way that he wants in our relationship. That’s on him, that’s not on me.

Everything is connected and there’s a bunch of energy going on between you that is not necessarily seen. When you say that you want him to call things out in the relationship and he’s not, I’m curious where do you feel like you could soften more? Do you feel like you’re holding walls up?

I like to pretend that I’m not, but I totally am.

A lot of times in relationships, a man will cheat, a man will have infidelity, and everyone blames the man. In my world, it’s never just the man, it is both of them. I had a high-end New York City escort, $800 an hour that told me, not personally, but as a client, all these guys want to be doing the things they’re doing with the escort with their wives. They would much rather be doing it with their wives, but because the wives were so unavailable to hear their desires or fetishes, he’s got to go pay the $2,000 to $3,000 to have the experience. I bring it back to you and let you know that men on some level, especially now, are terrified of a woman’s wrath.

They are afraid of disapproval and they’re afraid of being cut off from their women. In communication, and I’m not putting this on you at all, this is a co-creative experience, your ability to make it safer and available and open and create a container for him to tell you the truth will have him tell more truth. That’s what I’m talking about. It is the openness for both parties and this goes back and forth. I’m not saying this is male-female. It’s everyone. You have to reward your partner for telling you the most heinous truths because if not, he or she or they are going to withhold them.

I definitely try to facilitate having that environment where he can come to me and he could tell me anything, but sometimes I do project the woman’s wrath. He shuts down and feels like he isn’t able to share with me what he wants to because he’s afraid that at any moment I will walk the other way. I’ve stepped into that mindset of like, “If he says something that puts me out of my element, I could just leave.” It’s crazy to me that I have that thinking because for so long I was that woman who needed to have her man. Now that I’m in that place of “I don’t need a man,” I am having trouble showing up in that conversation and being like, “This is how you feel. I appreciate that you’re saying that and this is what we can do moving forward.” I’m wondering do you guys have any suggestions about how I can make that more safe, consensual, inviting environment to talk of what his desires are?

What it sounds like is there are these defenses that you have that you feel like are keeping you safe in some way and it feels like you’re protecting yourself in some way. When I heard you speaking, I was like, “I wonder what is the vulnerable thing that you could ask of him?” that would probably make you a little bit nauseous in all honesty, but the thing that if you could ask this of him, that it would have you feel safe enough to make yourself a little more permeable to him coming into you, to him feeling you, to him feeling your tenderness, your vulnerability and the part of you that does want to be held and does want him to take control or take command. What would that be for you?

I don’t know what I could ask of him. I know that there’re two parts to every relationship, and I feel like in a lot of ways, as hard as it is for him at times to say what he feels, that he is there for me. I feel like I’ve already expressed my vulnerabilities and the same vulnerabilities just keep coming up. It’s not like one thing I could ask of him. It’s more of gaining a better sense of ego and self-confidence.

Your ability to make it safer and available and open and create a container for him to tell you the truth will have him tell more truth. Click To Tweet

This is a vulnerable question. You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.

I don’t know how. I feel like to tap into that place makes me sick.

Can I offer something? This is personal into your sex life, is that okay?


I’m curious what your experience is when he goes down on you. Do you feel you receive pleasure from him? Do you feel satisfied? Are you able to soften enough that you can just receive his undivided attention?

It’s one of the only times I’m able to let go. He is, probably out of all the many partners that I’ve had, the best at what he does. That is one of the only times when we’re engaging sexually where I feel like I can be that, I can let go, and I can let him be the dominant.

You have a model of it’s possible. You do have the skill set. You do have the felt experience of surrendering in the receiving of oral sex that you could translate into a communication, into a conversation. We think that how we do something has to be different or there’s a separation. Let’s all imagine Dakota just lying there and receiving. Let’s enjoy that moment and just his skill and his love and his attention. There’s something in you that just relaxes, your body unsphincters, your body just let’s go. Let’s take a different scenario where you’re sitting in front of him and you’re in conversation and your mind is engaged. You’re in fight or flight or you’re in domination and you’re the opposite of that. Take that feeling of how it feels to lie there and just bring that into your body while he’s talking. Let the oral conversation turn into oral engagement of another nature.

I love how you just connected that. You’re saying that in those conversations when I’m wanting to communicate where I’m at, what I want, what my vulnerabilities are, to reflect on that feeling that I feel when I’m in that state of bliss?


Feel it on a body level. It’s like when you’re receiving from him, when he’s going down on you, notice the sensations in your body and bookmark them so that you can draw upon those physical experiences, those physical sensations. That’s what’s going to create your experience. How you feel internally is what’s going to allow everything to unfold around you.

I can definitely try that. An additional strain to mention is that this relationship is long distance and we only get to see each other every four to six weeks. That’s another component of a lot of the conversation that we have isn’t in person, which adds an additional stress of disconnection and loneliness because we’re talking through the lens. We’re not talking face to face all the time. That’s something that I can definitely try when we’re together. He’s in the process of trying to move to the Bay Area, which is where I live currently. It’s one of those things where only time will tell. I do have the ability to allow for that relationship to soften and blend and be more comforting for both of us involved. Even after this conversation, I’m still a little bit scared as to what that is going to look like.

You’ve given us a lot of clues. We’ve been paying a lot of attention to what you’re saying. One of the things I want to point out reflects back to what I noticed. You said something in your earlier relationships, it felt like you were the submissive one and that was you didn’t respect them, you didn’t feel good, it just wasn’t working for you per se. Then on some level you had some alignment, you read a book, you had a brainstorm, you had an inspiration. Something happened where you’ve now translated more into the dominant personality. Then you’ve attracted a more submissive man than probably in the past.

TL 068 | Connection to Desires

Connection to Desires: If you feel safe in your conversations together, share your desires to deepen and soften into this space.

The first thing is to acknowledge your absolute power of manifestation. You’ve created a match for this experience. You’ve created this experience of you’re being in your dominance for something inside of you and you’ve attracted a partner that says “I will play.” The thing I want to communicate is one, bravo, and two, your soul wants to learn a new skill. Maybe that’s some moderation in your dominance, some middle point between totally submissive to where you are now. It’s like you went from one extreme to the other, which is masterful. Now you can slowly, with a deliberate practice that will make up and come up with a couple of moments, for you to learn the skill of you fully being empowered, the best powerful Dakota that your soul desires to be.

Instead of punishing herself, because I can hear that in your voice, stop that. Stop self-flagellating. Stop beating yourself up for this incredible experience you’ve created not just for you but for him.

The thing that I want to add before we wrap up is I don’t know if you’ve done this yet, but if what you’re wanting to do is surrender more into your femininity and invite him to take more of that type of role that you’re wanting, invite him in to this process that you’re going through. If you feel safe in your conversations together, share your desires to deepen and soften into this space. That in itself, letting him feel your vulnerability, is you softening more into your feminine. Your acts also are inviting him to play an active role with you. Let yourself feel all the things.

I’ll do that. I love feeling all the feelings. I’m sure this affects my relationship in both a negative and a positive way, I’ve also learned how to let them go very quickly. I’ll sit in them as long as I feel like I deserve to sit in them.

I have an idea for a game. You said this a couple of times that you have one foot out the door. Even if you have a toe out the door, a man can feel that and that’ll trigger his fear of abandonment. Why don’t you fully commit 100% to this relationship for six months?

Okay. Do I have to recite it like a pledge? What’s going on here?

You can write a pledge, you can write a poem, you could do a signed declaration, you get it notarized, however you want. We’ll leave it to you to figure out the specifics of it. On some level, first you’re going to admit to him, “I always have one toe, one foot, one leg out the door. That’s nothing to do with you honey. It’s just my own fear of intimacy and commitment. I did this crazy show, and in the show they offered me the game of just fully committing for six months, but no matter what, I’m going to stay connected and committed to you for six months, so we can create a deeper level of intimacy.”

Dakota, the less you feel you have to hide or withhold from your partner, the safer and more connected you are going to feel.

I’m down with committing to that. I’m definitely going to have to meditate on the way in which I want to do that. I feel like just hearing you say it out loud and not even having me say it out loud feels like I just popped a balloon. I didn’t want to pop the balloon because I’m holding on. It brings up a lot of like, “This is scary. How do I give up control? This feels like the right thing to do, but is it the right thing to do for me?” Maybe it is and maybe I should just fucking give it a shot. Thank you.

The less you feel you have to hide or withhold from your partner, the safer and more connected you are going to feel. Click To Tweet

We live in a swipe left, swipe right society that’s getting more intense. I want to give you reality that this lack of depth of relationship and commitment is permeating throughout our culture. Going against that culture, you’re taking the brave route of saying, “No, I’m committing to him,” which over here is committing to you. You’re committing to your own sense of love and expansion of intimacy. Do it for you and he benefits.

Thank you for your willingness.

I’m still a little scared, but very happy with this conversation.

Thanks so much for playing.

Thank you so much for being on the show, Arielle. I really appreciate it. That was just so much fun. Do you want to give yourself a little plug? How can people find you? Who do you work with? How do people get in touch with you?

The easiest way to get in touch with me is visit my website, or you can email me Find me on Facebook. I work with women majoritively around this very conversation that we’re having and around how we balance the masculine and the feminine within us so that we can attract and create the type of relationships that we’re truly desiring. I’d love to connect if you’re feeling resonant in this conversation. Rob, thank you for inviting me. This was such a wonderful experience. I feel so juiced.

Thank you. I am working on my platform which is working on my expansion. A request to shout out and like my YouTube, like my professional page. I’m working on a book proposal for Hay House and anything you can do to help which is more downloads and more likes is part of the game as I need to build my platform. If you go to TuffLove.Live, all the links will be there. I request that you go there. My gratefulness again goes to Arielle for coming on the show and having so much fun. Thank you to all the audience. Thanks as always to my muse, Morgan, who keeps me expanding. Go forth, face the day, get some nookie, think of us. We love you. Take care.

As always, I’m just blown away by people’s realness and vulnerability. Thank you so much to Dakota for coming on and thank you so much, Arielle, for being such a special part of the show. I need your help building my platform, which means more downloads, more additions to my mailing list, and other ways. Please visit TuffLove.Live to find out the details of how you can help me do what I do. If you don’t want to, that’s cool too. I respect that. To make a donation to the show, please visit us at Thank you so much. Go forth and face the day.

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Arielle is a Relationship Expert & Intimacy Educator. She specializes in helping people to create deeper connection and intimacy their relationships and greater community. In her private coaching work with singles and couples, she helps people create or revitalize relationships that are authentic to the needs, values and desires of each person. Her group facilitation and workshops focus on cultivating deeper levels of intimacy with others through conscious communication, energetic attunement and sensory awareness of the body. Learn more at

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