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Gender Issues

222: The Mandatory Necessity of Men’s Groups with Jason Lange

Jason is a men’s embodiment coach, group facilitator, and evolutionary guide. He helps men drop in and wake up to deeper clarity in their life’s purpose and relationships. He believes every man should be in a men’s group for the growth and support opportunities they... read more

220: The Masculine in Relationship with GS Youngblood

G.S. Youngblood is a coach for men in relationships, who aims to teach men how to see themselves more clearly, and bring a greater sense of leadership to men in order to create “more ease, play, sexuality, respect, and attraction”. The nature of his work is laid out... read more

219: Understanding Men with Allison Armstrong

Alison Armstrong has been designing, leading, and executing a prodigious array of transformational projects for adults and children for nearly 30 years. Alongside her friend Joan McClain, she founded PAX Programs Incorporated with the mission of “altering society’s... read more

217: Supporting Women Entrepreneurs with Racheal Cook

Racheal Cook is an author, speaker, business growth strategist, and host of the Promote Yourself to CEO podcast. With an MBA in Entrepreneurship, several years consulting small businesses and tech start-ups, and having won the National Small Business Institute... read more

215: The Power of Invisible Influence with Shana James

Shana James is a powerful coach with more than 15 years of experience helping thousands of leaders, CEOs, authors, speakers and people with big visions step into their authentic power in business and in romance. With an M.A. in psychology, DISC certification, Coaching... read more

213: Libido, Desire and Arousal with Susan Bratton

Susan Bratton is an author, award-winning speaker and serial entrepreneur who champions passionate relationships. Her straight-forward love-making advice is rooted in her personal experience of watching her marital intimacy wither as she and her husband pursued... read more


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