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215: The Power of Invisible Influence with Shana James

Nov 12, 2019

215: The Power of Invisible Influence with Shana James

Shana James is a powerful coach with more than 15 years of experience helping thousands of leaders, CEOs, authors, speakers and people with big visions step into their authentic power in business and in romance. With an M.A. in psychology, DISC certification, Coaching training, more than a decade facilitating groups and workshops, starting multiple businesses and helping hundreds of entrepreneurs start their own, her range of skills and experience have aided her in developing an approach of directly assessing and identifying key issues that prevent satisfaction and success.

3:27 – The work Shana does
5:06 – What brought her to doing this work
7:15 – Working with men with difficult emotions
10:28 – The need for “rumbling” with emotions in men
13:06 – Women picking up on non-verbal cues
18:10 – Being trained to not show vulnerability
22:51 – Teaching women to be more present to men’s vulnerability
27:38 – The scale of men from iron wall to man child
31:56 – Holding the entirety of our partners

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Her quiz “Become A Better Lover & Leader”:
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