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Tuff Love

136: Six Conversations 3.4 – Stereotypes

HeterosexualsHomo And Hetero StereotypesHomosexualsJeff JacobsonRob KandellSix Conversations 3.4 - StereotypesStereotypesTuff Love As a man born of this society, my mind is filled with thousands of misconstrued gay stereotypes, having absorbed this from mainstream... read more

135: Your Hero’s Journey

Hero's JourneyMono-MythRob KandellTuff LoveYour Hero's Journey When we hear the phrase, “call to adventure” – we think of Alice falling down the rabbit hole, of Odysseus embarking on a ship, of Luke Skywalker receiving Princess Leia’s call for help in Star Wars... read more

134: Six Conversations 3.3 – Monogamy In Homosexual Relationships With Jeff Jacobson

Homosexual MonogamyHomosexual RelationshipHomosexualsJeff JacobsonMonogamy In Homosexual RelationshipsonetasteRob KandellSix Conversations 3.3 - Monogamy In Homosexual Relationships With Jeff JacobsonTuff Love In the areas of love and romance, there are bound to be a... read more

133: Conscious Communications

Conscious CommunicationsConscious Communications bookDesires DiaryFearless AmbitionMary ShoresRob KandellTuff LoveWords That Work Back when I was pitching for Hay House, a mutual friend introduced me to Mary Shores who had just been published. We jumped on the phone... read more

132: Six Conversations 3.2 – Talking about Sex

Jeff JacobsonRob KandellsexSix Conversations 3.2 – Talking about SexTuff LoveViews On Sexuality So many raw truths have gone unspoken in Six Vulnerable Conversations with Jeff Jacobson, a gay man. What really happened in the One Taste Warehouse? Will monogamy be... read more


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