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242: How Plandemic (the film) almost Ended my Marriage

May 19, 2020

242: How Plandemic (the film) almost Ended my Marriage

The CHASM. The difference of opinion. Our beliefs. Our viewpoints. Our programming. In the best of times, our differences creates more polarity, more power more curiosity, more strength. In these times, our disparate beliefs are causing DEEP DEEP separation.

I know this personally. It’s happening in my home with my partner. And it’s hurts and it’s scary.

We’ve watched the films – ‘Plandemic’, ‘Out of the Shadows’, London Real. We’ve felt the negative charge increase between us. And to be blunt, it took us right to the edge.

Me to her: “Who is this woman who is spouting this theory?”
Her to me: “You’re a like a child asleep in the middle of a holocaust about to wake up”

I turn to my favorite relational superpowers – PRESENCE, PATIENCE, HUMOR, CURIOSITY. I lean in.

We’re not out of the woods yet. But i’m leaned in.

3:07 – What happened
6:59 – Critical thinking resources
8:40 – Watching one’s judgements rise up
11:22 – What it means to be triggered
13:17 – Men and chauvinism
16:09 – Reflecting on his relationship goal
17:39 – Four key belief systems for connection
19:41 – “What I know about what I know”
23:55 – How films like Plandemic are impacting relationships
27:23 – Going forward
32:26 – How things are now

Sources mentioned:

TL 180 | Patriarchy Business

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