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211: The Radical Change of Gender Dynamics in Modern Divorce with Andrea Vacca

Oct 15, 2019

211: The Radical Change of Gender Dynamics in Modern Divorce with Andrea Vacca

Andrea Vacca is a mediator and collaborative lawyer who helps her clients end their marriages without destroying their families. Getting to know her clients, their concerns, and their goals for their future, she assists them in crafting an agreement that will meet those goals. She believes that divorce does not mean having to suffer the emotional and financial turmoil with which it is often associated, and so takes an approach that is not adversarial and avoids inflaming the strong emotions that can arise during the process.

3:16 – What led Andrea to practice divorce law
6:46 – How to have a non-adversarial divorce
10:33 – The impact of the relationship between divorcees on their children
16:55 – Recent changes in man-woman dynamics
21:16 – The changing pay gap and emasculation
26:10 – Her history working with men and post-nuptial agreements
27:03 – When having a post-nuptial agreement makes sense
29:26 – Invisible and visible ROI
30:38 – Advice for spouses seeking a divorce

Find Andrea at:
Or call her on: 212-768-1115

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