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210: Sexuality as the Gateway Drug for Intimacy with Caity Flannagan and Matt Sturm

Oct 8, 2019

210: Sexuality as the Gateway Drug for Intimacy with Caity Flannagan and Matt Sturm

Caity Flannagan and Matt Sturm are the co-founders of Embodied Erotic – a community for sacred sexuality, intimacy, and personal growth. Drawing on Neo-Tantra, Core Shamanic practices, somatic psychotherapy, yoga and meditation, they offer a unique experience that’s powerful, accessible and fun in aiding the exploration of couples’ sexuality. Having worked with hundreds of couples, they share practical tools for sex and relating to uncover the magic and love waiting just below the surface, while remaining conscious of each individual’s unique experience, to invite the full expression of our bodies and relationships.

2:26 – Their backgrounds and how they came into their current work
5:06 – Matt’s experience of facing his ego when entering Tantra
11:47 – An epic breakdown in a couple they’ve coached
14:01 – Shame and sexuality
16:13 – What is Tantra?
18:14 – A recommendation for those interested in learning about Tantra
19:33 – Their online couples course
25:42 – Their goals with their work
30:12 – Polarity within relationships

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