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212: How Men Can Level Up with Mark Guay

Oct 22, 2019

212: How Men Can Level Up with Mark Guay

Mark Guay is a transformational coach, writer, creator, and teacher. With a background in English and Anthropology, Mark has taken his love for writing, culture, and learning, and turned it into a career helping others become the greatest version of themselves, and live inspired lives.

3:15 – Mark’s story and mission
9:52 – Men and crying
14:25 – Traditional work lifestyles and emotions
21:23 – Pragmatic steps for men to connect with their emotions
26:08 – Suppression of emotions
30:51 – Shame and porn
36:00 – 18 year-old girls and porn
40:10 – Mark’s upcoming book

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Mark’s Emotional Charge Exercise:

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