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207:Three Pillars for Equanimity with Pablo Lucero

Sep 19, 2019

207:Three Pillars for Equanimity with Pablo Lucero

Pablo Lucero is a renowned Yoga instructor and designer of Functional Movement – a powerful and skillful integrative practice rooted in the ancient philosophies of Yoga, Ancestral Indigenous Healing Arts and Functional Movement Methodologies. Pablo aims to awaken people’s inner power, recondition their natural vitality and reclaim their highest potential. He leads workshops, conferences, memorable Yoga Retreats and Yoga Teacher Trainings Certifications locally and internationally.

3:37 – The beginning’s of Pablo’s path
9:31 – The move to Costa Rica
14:34 – Equanimity
17:34 – Three pillars to establish equanimity
17:54 – The first pillar: Conscious Movement
24:16 – The second pillar: Concentration
28:00 – The third pillar: Adaptive inquiry
33:07 – The beauty of being human
40:46 – Pablo’s upcoming events

Find Pablo at:
Instagram: @pablo_sometimes

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