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206: Getting Out of the Man Box with Dr. John Schinnerer

Sep 13, 2019

206: Getting Out of the Man Box with Dr. John Schinnerer

Dr. John Schinnerer is an U.C. Berkeley-trained coach with a Ph.D. in educational psychology, who provides executive coaching and organizational consulting with a scientific basis, with previous clients ranging from AskJeeves to Visa, FedEx to Starbucks.

Drawing from the best of his research background, Dr John helps clients to overcome anxiety and anger to move towards happier, more purposeful lives. A nationally-recognized speaker and an award-winning author, Dr John was recently one of three experts to consult with Pixar on the Academy Award-winning movie, Inside Out.

3:12 – Consulting for Pixar’s Inside Out
5:32 – The Man Box
8:55 – Why people would put men in the Man Box
11:41 – Fears around ostracization
17:43 – Women feeling disconnected from their partners and how it leads to divorce
21:33 – Suggestions for wives who feel disconnected from their husbands
25:55 – Helping an angry male partner
30:34 – Men’s connection with their emotions across generations
33:43 – Breaking out of the box of “I can handle this”
37:44 – Dr John and his partner’s upcoming retreat in Costa Rica

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As well as:
Instagram: @TheEvolvedCaveman
Twitter: @JohnSchin

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