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A weekly show on how to find your purpose, improve
your communication skills, have better sex, and love your life.

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174: Our Inability To Receive

We have so many stories about why we’re not worthy and why we’re not lovable, how no woman or man could keep up with us, how they would not want to be with us if we showed them all of us. We put on this girdle, this protection and armor because we don't think...

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173: Money Magic with Michelle Masters

Not many realize this but our relationship with money stems far deeper than the want for physical things it can afford us. It runs from how we grew up, to how we perceive our worth. Michelle Masters, NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner, traces our relationship...

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172: unHIDDEN Book Reading Chapter 16

As the world changes, so is the dynamic of how we create relationships. When it comes to the relationship between men and women, what worked for men before do not anymore work today. Women do not need men the way the society thinks they did. They are now more...

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171: Align Your Body with Aaron Alexander

Every moment is an opportunity to cultivate your mind, body, and movement. That is Aaron Alexander’s tagline for Align Therapy because he believes it would be insane for that not to be the way that you live your life. Aaron is an accomplished manual therapist...

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