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234: How Our Self-Worth Can Block Our Pleasure with Amanda Biccum

Mar 24, 2020

234: How Our Self-Worth Can Block Our Pleasure with Amanda Biccum

Amanda Biccum is an Evolutionary Coach dedicated to helping individuals discover deeper connections to themselves, their passion and their pleasure. She is currently living in Bali where she is the creator of Tantric workshops, temples and experiences which create deep interpersonal connections and healing spaces rooted in the work of sacred sexuality.

2:00 – Amanda’s view of what self-pleasure is
6:53 – Her road to self-discovery around self-pleasure
11:11 – First steps on the road to self-pleasure
14:22 – Showing love to our own bodies
16:28 – The relationship between self-worth and self-pleasure
19:37 – Societal values and self-worth
22:45 – Breaking feeling “I am bad”
26:54 – Initial steps for couples who have lost touch with their sexuality
34:18 – Her resources and her course “Worship the Goddess”

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And her course “Worship the Goddess”:
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