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231: The Impeachment of the United States

Mar 3, 2020

231: The Impeachment of the United States

In this week’s episode, Rob rants about the outcome of the recent impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump, and the impact it, as well as who he is, has on the world, and its occupants. Rob explores what he sees in the president’s behaviour as it relates to bullying tactics, climate control, racism, and separation, as well as the standard set for young boys.

3:52 – Separation and speaking to a small base
5:23 – Rob’s experience of separation and racism growing up
8:02 – Trump becoming president
10:02 – Bullies and role models
12:48 – Appealing to the disempowered
14:04 – Presidential misconduct
15:45 – Questions and answers

TL 180 | Patriarchy Business

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