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195: Six Vulnerable Conversations Series 5 Episode 6

Jun 25, 2019

195: Six Vulnerable Conversations Series 5 Episode 6

Welcome back for our new season of Six Vulnerable Conversations! This season, we’ll be diving into a series of unscripted, honest, no agenda dialogues between a cisgender man, cisgender women, transgender man, and transgender woman. Talking about sexuality, gender expectations, shifts in family and relationship dynamics, social equality, and so much more. Join us with a curious mind and an open heart, for a series of conversations that invite us to all cultivate deeper intimacy and authenticity with ourselves, with others, and with the world around us.

2:05 – Fear of the unknown
5:28 – Social anxiety
9:02 – Trans visibility
11:24 – Trans people triggering self-confrontation within others
18:47 – The disconnect between trans and cisgender people
20:41 – Confronting our own sexual taboos
22:37 – The male g-spot
24:56 – Breaking stereotypes and the reaction
26:18 – Cis-het men’s reactions to sexual encounters with trans women
27:19 – Religion and homophobia
27:40 – Invalidating trans people
30:54 – Creating space for real conversations
33:24 – Delaying judgement of others

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