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The warrior aspect within us is the one that’s willing to feel and walk on the path where there are inconveniences in our life, where we have a contracture, where we hold back from magnifying our full destiny. For Satyen Raja, the warrior is the one that moves forward, in spite of fear, in the face of whatever things that might hold us back. The sage within us is that aspect which is related to inner wisdom, inner humility, inner freedom that’s always rested in a type of humor. Satyen says that type of realization that there is nothing to really get is all here now. That beautiful yin and yang of the warrior sage has been the archetypal energetic that he likes to hold in his own self and like to share with others. Satyen talks about his organization called Warrior Sage, intimacy, relationships, men’s work, Me Too, and the state of men and women in the future.

147: The Wisdom Of The Warrior Sage with Satyen Raja

I’m so excited to have my guest on the show, Satyen Raja, who is an associate, a new friend, a powerhouse. He runs an organization called Warrior Sage and he’s been doing it for 25 years. He’s just an amazing man. We talk about intimacy, relationship, men’s work, #MeToo and the state of men and women in the future. We go all over the board for this amazing interview. If you love the show and feel so inclined, we’d love a five-star review on Stitcher, iTunes, or your favorite podcast app.

We’re here with Satyen Raja and we’re very excited. Welcome to the show, Satyen.

Thanks, Robert.

I do have respect for who you are in the world. I was talking with Morgan, my wife, and she’s like, “Who out there do you feel is a peer or someone you can work with and look up to?” Your name popped right up there. I went up bow in deep respect of the work we’re doing out there.

Thank you.

We have a mutual client and friend, our good friend, Andrew Bartzis, who brought us together. I’m grateful to dive in around who you are in your work and a lot of your viewpoints. We did one panel together months ago. It was pretty obvious we had a lot of similar thoughts and ideas about the world and men and how to be free. I gave you the flooring. If you want to shout out some basic points about who you are, how you got to where you are and give us some juicy nuggets, so we can dive in.

TL 147 | Warrior Sage

Think and Grow Rich

I started out in martial arts as a kid and that helped form my being. It helped form my character. I was a very insecure teenager and getting involved in Kung Fu and having wonderful mentors. I had very powerful, beautiful, awake mentors. This served me very profoundly to help craft and mold who I am today. It developed a passion for consciousness and seeking truth and seeking wisdom. That led me on a journey around the world. I read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and his story of traveling the world and learning from great masters. I went, “I can do that, too.” He came from nowhere and so I did. I went around the world and I continued, and I still do. I love to learn and study from great wisdom traditions and teachers and philosophies. I formed my own philosophy, which I call The Path of the Warrior Sage. The warrior aspect within us is the one that’s willing to feel where there are inconveniences in our life where we have a contracture, where we hold back from magnifying our full destiny and walking on that path.

For me, the warrior is the one that moves forward in spite of fear in the face of whatever things that might hold us back. That, for me, is also tempered with the feminine sage side and the sage within us for me is that aspect which is related to inner wisdom, inner humility, inner freedom that’s always rested in a type of humor. That type of relaxation that there is nothing to get, it’s all here now. For me, that beautiful Yin Yang of warrior and sage has been the archetypal energetic that I like to hold in my own self and like to share with others. That’s a little snippet of my philosophy.

That word, warrior sage, is fascinating. I don’t know if it has a chemical power but when you said warrior sage, I thought, “Masculine than feminine,” because sage have a very feminine feel. Then I thought the word ‘sage’, from my lexicon, is a wise man. My chauvinistic upbringing is about man but it still had a feminine aspect to it. That was an interesting wake up when you said that.

I was in my Jujitsu class and I was sparring and training in Brazilian Jujitsu with one of my teammates. She’s about 30 years old and she was almost kicking my ass. For me, warrior is masculine and feminine, sage is masculine and feminine. The previous imprints are more male oriented. In this day and age, we all have the warrior within us, male or female. We all have the sage. I believe the warriors, especially nowadays, the capacity for us to face with direction and forwarding movement, our true passion or true Dharma is more valuable now than ever before. For us to turn around the world from brink of disaster into some goodness here, I believe that we all have to individually find, cultivate, and move forward with our warrior, which is action.

We chatted about great wisdoms that come from sources, charismatic leaders, and the paradigm of gurus and great wisdoms up here. For me, the sage is the wisdom from within. It’s our own true, innate and unleashed wisdom. To me, that is the eternal powerful guru that needs to awaken in this day and age rather than the deification or projection of specialists who clear others or dynamic or charismatic others. For me, the sage is waking up that silent power of knowingness, trusting, following, loving, nurturing, and living it and expanding the sage into the world. Those two, I feel coming together, it helps me stay balanced. I know it’s a good force for activation today.

I was talking to Morgan about this. She’s on her journey. I’m on my journey. I’ve had many great teachers and now, in my 48th year, after spending more than half of my life in the role of student to be in the role of the teacher, but also to be the students of my own teacher, of my own crazy wisdom but not to forego great influences and ideas from people, from plants, from spirit, from books, from animals. There are so many sources of inspiration but at the same time, to find that inner trust that I know, I can ask the right question and I can have confidence to move forward.

For those of us in this circle, I am sure we’re here because there’s some nature of us that is a seeker, that is seeking greater wisdom, greater knowingness, greater insight, greater relationship, beauty, wonder, freedom and magnificence. I also challenge and invite that everyone already has a profound depth of understanding, knowledge, wisdom, know how, capacity, and ability. I want to emphasize that I feel rather than seeking more, what if we start diving into the knowing that we already have and start living more and more from the knowingness we’ve already accumulated from our life experience? I believe the knowingness that we already know, it’s good to aim to want to learn more and more, but not at the expense of the inner master already there. From that inner master, I believe we can come to mature our ever-available students, so it’s teacher and student. I believe we’re both simultaneously for the rest of our life and should be.

It's good to aim to want to learn more and more, but not at the expense of the inner master already there. Click To Tweet

If we remain too much on the student side, we forget the offering side that we have from our wisdom. If we go only and remain into the wisdom, the all-knowing, The I Ching or Book of Changes from China, it says, “A superior being, a man, a woman, who’s left in their own castle is only reflecting back their own insight and they will not be able to see their own shadow, their own weaknesses, their own blind spots. It’s very dangerous, especially as we gain more wisdom to stay only within our own knowingness, our ivory tower.” It’s teacher and student, just like I believe we both share that passion to be both simultaneously.

When you work with people and you’re offering the dichotomy, what I hear is you have enough and to live in the clay or the practice of interacting, so you’re not stepping on castle. How do you work with people when you have doubt saying, “I don’t know enough or I can’t do it by myself?” What are your action steps with them to bring out the warrior in connection with the sage to live their life fully from the place that they have enough? How do you work through people’s doubt?

When I’m working for the people’s doubt, those are always going to be there. When people come to seek advice, counsel, insight, they’re coming with a sense of that they don’t know something, they’re wanting more clarity and more insight and it’s very good to have others who have that road that they’ve walked upon perhaps earlier in their further down the road to be able to say and give reflection and say, “Here is a pothole. Watch out for that road. Watch out for the spurs over there. Avoid the alligators down there.” That’s all good. Yet what I love to do is I take people through guided experiences where they touch the innate wisdom bank within themselves.

I’d like to direct people to feel the comfort, to start getting attuned, start getting aware and awakened to the comfort of their soul and mind unity by exercises, by awareness, by breath, by relaxation to start dialing into, “What’s the comfort here? Is it pulling back? Is there a lack of comfort? Is there a deep comfort that’s feeling moved forward?” This visceral inner knowingness is something that I like to support in feeling and evoking. Then also, if that’s hard to feel, there are ways to move them to defragment all the noise and consciousness, which obscures the awareness of the soul and mind unity. I start there if there’s too much interference patterns and then get people to drop in because I truly believe when the soul and mind come together in one voice, then when we move forward with that unification. Only magic happens. Only evolution happens. Whereas when our voice in here says, “No,” and our mind says, “Yes,” or our mind says, “No,” and our soul is, “Yes,” then we’re not using the complete source of our wisdom. For me, the complete sourcing of all our wisdom centers is valuable and that’s already inherent in all of us, as you know.

TL 147 | Warrior Sage

Warrior Sage: When the soul and mind come together in one voice, and when we move forward with that unification, only magic happens.

Why do you think there’s a disruption between your mind and your voice or your soul? What is happening with the generations today, the masculine and the feminine, that there’s so much split between our heart, our soul, our genitals, our gut, our core? What’s causing the disruption?

It’s designed to eviscerate us, keep us segmented. An empowered society is a society that’s dialed into this inner knowingness and unhooked from the pull of the masses. The energetic mass, the big movements, the political parties, the energies, all this stuff that’s trying to get our adherences, they want us to become an adherent to their system, movement, and leader. Those are all vying for our energy, attention, our units of awareness. For me, one of the first things to do is to learn to unhook, “My energy is getting caught up in that thing around this. I’m being drawn emotionally into that sector and that pool, what’s going on with those political movements.” Those are all valuable and important and need to have presence, but it’s the emotional evocation that these things fire into.

Those, to me, are energy suckers, energy drainers. I’m more of a Taoist. I believe in unhooking from these things that are pulling our emotional loyalties that are fanning our emotional flames and starting unhooking, whether it’s about the things that are going on with all the troubles around sexism. All the troubles around politics, all the troubles around money, all the troubles that are continuously in our face and are being fed to us. To me, there comes a time where we restful repose, pulling away, letting go of these particular hooks. As we learn to let go of them, the energy that was invested in all those hooks comes back to our core center, comes back to our self. Then rather than make decisions based on reactivity, we make decisions based on what’s true for us, what’s loyal to our own sovereignty, loyal to our own peace, our own tranquility, what’s loyal to our own equilibrium. Everything out there is trying to take off equilibrium. Equilibrium is the value that I believe will keep us and bring us back to the center of being.

Let’s talk more about the concept of equilibrium. Would that be the same as balance, presence? How would you define the term, so people can land in the goal to achieve that equilibrium?

Pragmatically, one of my business mentors, Kevin Nations, gave me this beautiful model. He calls it the four Fs and it can be five Fs. I call them the Freedoms. Faith is one of the first ones, meaning belief first of all in self, that I am, I have value, I have meaning, I have something to contribute here. Faith and belief in self, that can expand to faith in the cosmos, the universe, faith in the divinity, faith in the organizing factor of existence. Family. For me, having a strong sense and fluidity and beauty in my family, with my wife, my children, my parents, my extended family, society. To me, that’s a valuable to cultivate, to bring into harmony, bring into beauty, and homeness. Faith, family, finance. To me, that’s not just hurting more, making millions of dollars. It’s earning, saving, spending, and investing, making sure that there’s harmony and above all, peace in these dimensions. Then fitness, health, vitality. This vessel that we live through, that we’re communing with reality and communing with others to bring life force and energy into that, and then fun. Having everything that we do, underlying all these freedoms with a sense of fun and lightness, not heaviness but a sense of lightness, fluidity, and naturalness of being.

Freedoms are like threads of a rope. If you have one that's weak, it will break. Click To Tweet

To me, these freedoms are like threads of a rope. If you have one that’s weak, it will break there. We need to have them all solid and strong. These threads apply to the yogic big three, which is sex, power, and money. We can have these in equilibrium, meaning that we’re paying conscious and loving attention to growing and harmonizing and becoming in balance with them rather than having one be super strong like money, going for money or going for just health and for getting your love life or just going for success. I went for success for many years. I grew a multimillion dollar organization, training thousands of people around the world and I was forgetting my own children and my own wife at home. I almost lost them because that was being a dick, serving humanity and I forgot my own backyard. To me, equilibrium means coming back to what is true, what is true for the self and making myself loyal and re-inscripting my loyalty to my center and holding that and not letting anything take me off that. That, to me, is ultimate equilibrium. Paradoxically, what happens is all the other Fs, all the other areas grow exponentially. It’s counterintuitive, “I’ll focus on this now for the next three years.”

To me, the masculine illusion is once I have this handled, once I’ve got a million dollars here, once I have attained this, once I have a body fat of this, then I’ll be finally free to do whatever. That’s bullshit to me. There is no future of pushing freedom. It has to be here. What’s the freedom we already have? What’s the freedom? This might challenge an invitation to ask then, “What’s the freedom we already have now?” Enjoying luxuriate in honor of that. Then from there, we’ll come from the state of equilibrium. Rather than creating tensions, vision boards, goals from a place of lack, we’re doing it from a place of fullness when we recognize what’s already there.

I love this list. I love the source of it. Faith, family, finance, fitness and fun. Then in my impression of what I see in the world and read in the world and talk to people and coach people, people are suffering all five. There’s a serious dearth in faith with the way the world is going and how people do politics. How do I find faith in such a chaotic world and how do I find faith when there’s so much shit going on in the world? When your faith is challenged, when your faith is threatened, how do you find your center? How do you find your equilibrium?

If you look at it by all means and then as you look at the newspaper and look at what’s going on socioeconomically, politically around the world, we’re fucked. That’s the actuality. This is no illusion. This is not some type of morbidity that struck in. It’s natural reality. Everything from the soil to the air, to the water, to the environment, to the individuals, to God knows what else. There’re so many fronts that need tremendous amount of attention, awareness and wisdom, infusion and love infusion. Now seeing all of that, there’s times where I go, “Let me live my own peaceful life. Let the world burn down and let me do my best to enjoy my own sacred life.” I do that at times. I go into a place where I surrender and I say, “God bless you, world.”

You’re free. Then where is my equilibrium? It’s not in equilibrium. It’s all over the place. The whole saying of, “It must start with the self,” this is a perennial wisdom that the equilibrium must start with the self. My teacher years ago said, “All these things in the world of very important, but what if you took three years and you do your best to retract all your attention from the shit of the world and put it into the consolidation of your own power?” That’s what I did. I let go of TV, radio, newspapers. I let go of all forms of media input and everything. My family are very educated and said, “You are nuts. You’re stupid. You won’t be on top of what’s going on in the world.” I said, “I don’t need to be on top of it right now. I’m on a sacred fast of world issues.”

Just like we take a fast to clear away toxins, we can also take a fast at world issues to clear away the imprints that keep evoking our emotionality. I took the time to do that and pulled away. Even from gas prices, because there’s nothing I can do, I complain about it going up or down. There’s nothing. What I can do is work on mastery of myself. I learned to go in within my own temple of being and I’m going to suggest everyone do that as well. Release all the shit for at least a week or two or three. See if you can do it for a month. If you can do it for three months, bravo. Let go of all this stuff that’s pulling at you, scraping at you, evoking you, even if it’s dastardly in the world. Take these few months and then come to a type of equilibrium within. If that means taking on physical, mental, emotional, spiritual disciplines of cleaning out yourself, just being silent, going for walks, going for swimming, being in nature, letting this nature purify our consciousness.

TL 147 | Warrior Sage

Warrior Sage: Just like we take a fast to clear away toxins, we can also take a fast at world issues to clear away the imprints that keep evoking our emotionality.

Then what happens is a silent power starts to grow within. Then when you come out of this isolation, then your words will have power. Because you can have raised banners, you can make posters and you can march in front of Congress and march in front of the White House and all of that, but those idiots, they love when regular humanity are like, “Look at our sheep. Let’s purchase more spray paint to shares because the sheep are spraying and making placards against this.” People get off in power situations who don’t have good hearts or are very self-egocentric. They get off on these movements. They love to see people get fed up. It’s the opposite. It doesn’t create effective change in my opinion. It only encourages them.

Yet when we go into a type of internal recluse, an internal silent power, then our words are penetrating. We say less, and it penetrates deeper. We do less things, but more movement and change happen in the exterior world. That comes from the sourcing of true silent power. That can only come from unhooking ourselves from the fanfare of what previously evoke us. It’s much easier said than done, I agree, but it’s worth doing to find that power of how truly powerful we’re. Gandhi did it once a week in the midst of huge social upheaval. He took himself away one day a week and went into pure silence to tap into, to feel, to listen to this silent power that’s there. Only then he came out and his words were deep, penetrating, and changed the nation. We have that all within us, each and every one, I believe.

Let’s talk a little bit more about maybe going from the high level of this into more individual. What’s happening between men and women? We had many comparable viewpoints about that. Start off with what you see happening to men in today’s society.

Let’s go off with the #MeToo. First of all, bravo. The shit’s got to come out. People got to speak. Women and men are speaking about the stuff that’s gone down that shouldn’t have gone down, that’s out of integrity, and that’s harmful to humans and other beings. The fact that it’s coming out, the fact that there’s anger there, the fact that there’s vitriol and lash back and hypersensitivity, us men, I believe instead of going, “Now it’s swung the other way and now we’re getting shit on,” I think we need to sit and listen and keep listening. Not as donkeys sitting there to take abuse, but being here as sentinels of reception and go, “This is 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, 4,000, 5,000, 10,000 years of feminine oppression. Come on, let the feminine have their voice for ten, twenty years. Let them be angry for once and let us be there and be silent receptor to receive it all.”

Even if we’re not personally involved in it, we can receive it on behalf of the feminine. That’s the power we can cultivate because when we’re opening the front surface of our body as men, when we receive this generational societal pain that’s there and we let it in rather than get defensive and think and then get on camps, men and women, we are men and women inside already. Each cell, we have masculine feminine. We are men and women, all of us. The whole idea of creating more camps, digging in, being reactive to this, and now we’ve got to be men even more or all of that. All of these labels, all of these identities, it’s time now to look, to assess and rather than get dug in with our heels, soften our heels to be more pliable and receptive. Listen not with the ears but listen with the whole front surface of our body. Soft, open, receptive, letting the energy of the shares of the women in our life, the men in our life who gone through suffering, letting that touches. Also letting ourselves be touched by the joys, the beauty of life.

It’s a very powerful time for men to learn to cultivate the softening of the front surface of their body, to be a sentinel of reception, and then the next step is to cultivate the claim of what I stand for, not who I want to topple, not who’s doing wrong, but what do I stand for? What do I not stand for? That is not only a light question. It should be a piercing internal deep question, an uncompromising question one can ask oneself. Whatever comes up from that, write it down, contemplate to feel that, and they get aligned by what I stand for and what I don’t stand for, but based on anyone else’s standards. When that happens, I feel that is the next wave of our strength. It’s a strength that’s filled with openness and reception rather than brutishness and control.

Equilibrium means coming back to what is true. Click To Tweet

I was a guest on another podcast and it was done by a woman and man. It is the biggest guest interview in terms of the size or the importance of the podcasts, it’s like Times top 50. It started off, then the woman on the podcast got triggered in minute three. I felt it. I felt like I was just being myself and disposing of viewpoints. Then she felt triggered. In my mind, I was like, “I fucked up the most important podcast. This is going down in flames.” She stayed triggered for the first twenty minutes and just could not hear my viewpoint because she was so triggered by her history and her past. In that moment I have to allow it to let that anger out because I have a more connective viewpoint she’s not hearing, but I have to wait until the anger runs out in order for us to reconnect.

I’m thinking, “Did they hate me? It’s never going to get published.” I was like, “Just be of service.” Then in minute 35, it’s switched. We did another hour of taping. By the end, we have found union, myself and this woman who’s a stranger. We found union and it was one of the most powerful experiences of my life because I got the importance for men to listen, to stand the brave of the feminine storm that’s been held in for so long, to take it, not personalize it and personalize that at the same moment, and be a space for healing. In that 90-minute podcast, healing occurred and it was an epic experience.

We owe it to our souls to be dialed in and listen because what we’re listening to is also the feminine within ourselves.

Talk more about that because that might be a concept for men that’s confusing or maybe even offensive. Maybe you can speak a little bit about that.

I believe as men and women, regardless of any gender biases or gender selection or choices or sexual orientations, including all of us, we have a masculine consciousness and feminine consciousness. The masculine in this context that I’m sharing is the ever-present witness, unchanging observer of reality, the one that’s watching right now. The feminine for me represents the ever-changing experience that were happening, the embodiment of life. Whereas the masculine is the witness of life. We all have this. Some of us have more of a masculine energetic. I’m about 70% masculine, 30% feminine. I have attracted the reciprocal in my partner Suzanne, who’s 70% feminine in her court, 30% of masculine.

TL 147 | Warrior Sage

Warrior Sage: As men and women, regardless of any gender biases or sexual orientations, all of us have a masculine consciousness and a feminine consciousness.

These are artistic flavors. It’s not a science, it’s just a feeling that I’m expressing here. The key is that instead of aiming for 50/50 balance, I feel the key is finding what is our true equilibrium. For me, I’m 70% masculine, which means if I’m doing 90% masculine activities of goal setting, going forward, action oriented, breaking through barriers, obstacle removal, aiming to attain more, all of that type of stuff, if I do that more than 70% of the time, I start burning out. I go way out of balance. I get stiff, I get tense, I get irritable and I lose my harmony.

If you see the corporate world, the financial world, the business world, it’s extremely into this goal, a gain profit expansion of territory mode. That has a balancing force. It destroys us eventually because you cannot fulfill that energy. If I go the other end and I’m only doing feminine activities of spaciousness, communion, loving nature, going out creating a celebration and communion with pride, if I do only that more of the time, it will be beautiful and fun but I’ll lose my edge, my sense of higher purpose, meaning that I need to be more moving things forward and driven. My balance is not 50/50. My balance is 70/30. The reciprocal to that, my beautiful wife, Suzanne, of 31 years now, her balance is 70% feminine activities, not 50/50. If she’s doing 50/50 masculine feminine activities. She gets burned out because she’s using her masculine too much. If she just only does feminine stuff, she becomes very fluid and beautiful and flow state, but her goals never get achieved. Her balance is 70% feminine, 30% masculine. This is a more nuanced form of finding equilibrium than being the ideal of 50/50. That’s what I want to encourage.

What is your place of highest expansion, highest equilibrium, highest flow? If you’re burned out, if you’re exhausted, you’re overrun, you’re pushing too much masculine energy. If you are spacious, but you don’t have a desire to move forward in life, you don’t have a goal, you don’t have a higher value or mission to move towards, you are atrophied in your masculine edge. The sweet spot is not a onetime thing. It’s a daily awareness, a meditative tuning in, and a reflection from what’s happening in your life. When I’m in that 70% masculine, 30% feminine flow, that equilibrium sweet spot, life flows. Opportunities, synchronicities, visions, strength, honor really the world comes to me rather than me chasing it. I believe the same can be had for everyone when they find their true equilibrium spot, their sweet spot to live reality from.

The sweet spot is not a onetime thing. It's a daily awareness and a reflection for what's actually happening in your life. Click To Tweet

I’ve always known about the masculine-feminine ratio and talked about it and thought about it and I never thought the implementation of my life in ratio to my own ratio. I’ve never taken that leap. Thank you for that gift, that’s valuable.

My personal example, there will be weeks where I’m working on business plans or expansion of our intentions and focus on coaching. It’ll be very focused, but then what I need to do is I get irritated. The moment I know I’m starting to get irritable, starting to get tense, I’m losing my own innate humor and I’m starting to settle a sharp with my children or with my friends, like excessive masculine energy. Then what I’ll do is I’ll just jump out. I’ll break free. I’ll go for a walk in nature. I’ll go in the hot tub. I go make love with my goddess. Just something to enter the joy that’s already here rather than the joy that will come when something gets accomplished.

That’s how I pragmatically articulate that. When I’m feeling, “I’ve done that. Let me go on holiday or vacation,” I’m going to cut loose for the next couple of days because I’ve been very focused for the last few. I’m going to cut loose, get spacious going into the feminine, get a massage, dance. I’m going to have free a dance type thing which is in Vancouver that’s just dance experience, and I just cut loose. If I did that every day, if I did that more so, I’d probably be flowing around and missing the edge of life. That’s how I manage it personally.

Someone knows they’re out of equilibrium, someone knows there’s discrepancy in their connection with their voice and their mind and having trouble with faith, family, finance, fitness, and fun, but don’t know where to start. You talked about going internally, but do you have a certain practice or meditation? What is a one-step alignment to do to go forth to finding their own equilibrium?

Faith, family, finance, fitness and fun. Just write those categories down in a circle. Take a look at what you’ve been putting good attention to, that you feel whole and happy with. Find the area that you feel could use some nourishment, a kick in the ass, a bit of love stroking, a bit of hugging, wherever it needs, maybe a pinch, maybe a little slap. Whatever realm it is, don’t try to work on it all. Just friend the one that’s the weakest. If it’s family and some calls need to be made, you need to get out on a date with your partner, you need to talk to your parents. You need to get out and have some family time, some date nights, put that in now. Start that now. Just that movement towards equilibrium starts shifting the whole thing and everything else will start coming into place. A movement in one will move the other.

If it’s fitness and you go, “I feel a little lumpy. I feel a little flabby myself,” go check out, go to a nutritionist, go seek some friends who have some know-how and knowledge and vitality and up that a little, but don’t go gargantuan in it. Just gently. The idea is not to be a jumper. The idea is to grow this as a spiral with wisdom, gently moving upward in silent power rather than rocking it out and crushing it, drop the crushing it shit. All those guys who were blaring crushing it, if you look at behind the scenes, they’re going to be crushed. They’re using excessive willpower. Their life force is going to be drained. They’re going to shoot themselves in their own foot. It’s better to go naturally in spiral with humility, equanimity, and holding beauty within our being and being gentle with yourself, yet also claiming where you want to go. To me, that’s the heart of it all.

TL 147 | Warrior Sage

Warrior Sage: The idea is to grow this as a spiral with wisdom, gently moving upward in silent power, rather than rocking it out and crushing it.

I’m going to write those down and put those on my wall. I need it, so I thank you for that gift. Tell people how they can find you. I know you have an art book. What are some ways that people can find and connect with you?

We’ve got some very interesting things happening at Warrior Sage Central that are coming out. We’ll be releasing a series of trainings on activating our abundance, abundance activation, relationship activation and leadership activation. Go to and get on our email list and you’ll be invited to our live events and there’s also talks and free audios and trainings that I offered there as well.

He also offers an assessment that I took. I’m looking forward to my results and free consultations, so definitely check out Thank you so much for being on Tuff Love. I look forward to more adventures with you.

Thank you so much.

For more shows, please visit Visit us on Stitcher, iTunes or your favorite podcast app. Give us some loving. We love it.

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TL 147 | Warrior Sage

Satyen Raja is known as the private transformational mentor, advisor and confidant to the powerful and influential. A remarkable living synthesis of eastern wisdom and western practicality, Satyen combines the power of the warrior and wisdom of the sage to inspire audiences & leaders worldwide to live their highest impact and personal fulfillment. Having invested 35 years of rigorous study & practice in both creating enlightened business growth and developing higher consciousness, he is the leading authority on expanding success while serving the greater good without sacrificing the joys of personal life.
Satyen has impacted over 100,000 students from over 50 countries around the world through his global human potential company, WarriorSage. Satyen leads private one-on-one retreats for CEOs, high impact individuals, executive teams and is a corporate cultural advisor and trainer for elite companies. Satyen’s fearless and heartfelt style transforms your limitations into strengths and your life into peak existence.
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