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066: Reigniting your Mojo with Deborah Kagan

Apr 4, 2017

The rise of feminism in today’s society has been very beneficial and impactful for women, but there is one other thing that Deborah Kagan believes needs to be addressed, and that is reigniting your mojo. This god particle or life force has never been gender specific, but the disassociation of it has been more evident in women, especially if they grew up in an environment of violence and abuse. Deborah explains that reigniting your mojo is aligning your mind to where you are going as opposed to where you are coming from. By doing so, you find your power center that will allow you to be the person who you want to be.

I am so fortunate to have Deborah Kagan on as a guest star. Deborah is an author, a speaker; she runs workshops here in Los Angeles all about finding your mojo. Focusing on women’s work primarily, but she has some great viewpoints that can help everyone, both men and women and other to find that power center, to find a practice to increase your power, and to find out whom you want to be in the world. We then travel to Philadelphia for my new friend Sophia, who comes on as vulnerable in terms of where she’s at, how she wants to improve her business and the presence she has to not just get the emails out answered, but also to set and for her to be in her power to say, “I’m a value, you want to work with me.” Then with the end we touch the private little part that’s fun. For more episodes, please visit us at TuffLove.Live

066: Reigniting your Mojo with Deborah Kagan

I’m very excited for this Tuff Love. This is a very special one with Deborah Kagan as my guest. We’ll be talking about the concept of mojo. I’m excited because I was talking to someone else about the guest stars and I always learn something new. I love that process because a coachee will say something and I’ll think this is the only way to answer this question. Then my guests star will be like, “What about this?” I’m like, “I never would think that in a million years.”It’s always a pleasure to bring another expert on to the line so we can talk about extraordinary practices, ways to make your life stronger, better, fuller. That’s what Tuff Love is about. I’m going to invite Debra on the line as well. Hello Deborah, how are you doing?

I’m good.

This show is about your expertise and this concept of igniting back your mojo. What is mojo? What does that mean to you? Why that term?

Mojo, in itself, is not Austin Powers like, “Hey, mojo baby.” When you look at the etymology of the word, it doesn’t have its exact roots known, but they think it comes from Africa. The word, itself, means your personal magnetism. It’s the thing that is invisible about all of us. It’s the stuff that people feel before we ever open our mouths. The thing that I find so amazing and fascinating is that in this day and age with quantum physics, they have proven that there is the energy behind the energy. They call it the Higgs Boson, the God particle. That is life force. That is our mojo.

I use the word mojo. It can be interchanged with life force; some people call it chi, ki or prana. This community is pretty hip to all of those words. I serve women. I love that there are men as part of your community and this information isn’t gender specific. My community and who I work with in my programs and at my events is women. With the rise of feminism, which has been very important, we as women have lost touch with our mojo but it lives in our bodies as opposed to being up in our heads.

TL 066 | Reigniting your Mojo

Reigniting your Mojo: In this day and age with quantum physics, they have proven that there is the energy behind the energy.

You have a program, Recovery Your Mojo, Reclaim Your Confidence, Feel Good in Your Own Body. What are the initial steps? What’s your process? Let’s pick a woman who doesn’t feel the life essence. Maybe growing up, they didn’t have a lot of encouragement to be fully out or gotten older they’ve had some kids and they’re lost. What are your initial steps that you take to have a woman feel that again?

Mojo, I love talking about it and it’s a good four-letter word. Use the word as an acronym and there are four pillars to activating your mojo. No matter where you are in life, no matter what’s going on, as long as you’re connected to these four pillars, you will always be able to access your mojo easily. Where I come from is a complete disassociation from my mojo. That’s how I got into this work and I grew up in a household of domestic violence. The first time I had sex, I was raped. The thing that happens is you disassociate from your own body. When you’re disassociated, that’s the piece that is not talked about enough. You cannot access your mojo because you don’t even want to be in this rented vehicle where we’re driving around in this body thing for our lifetime. When we are disassociated from it, we do not have access to your mojo. We don’t feel confident, we don’t feel strong. That can happen from all sorts of different traumas or things that we go through as humans growing up in life. I share that because it is 100% possible to connect back to your mojo regardless of what you’ve gone through. That’s important to get. Let’s talk about those four pillars because once you know them, you’ll never be separated from your mojo.

The M of mojo is our mindset. It’s literally about the way we’re thinking. Especially now in 21st century with all the incredible technology we have, we’re bombarded with messages and information. It’s crucial to find out what is true for you and what is going to support a mojolicious mindset. A lot of the stuff that we’ve experienced in life creates beliefs that aren’t even ours. Maybe they’re from our parents; they’re from generational, from their parents. That’s the stuff that then is embedded in our neurobiology. We have this wiring that believes, “I can only make so much money in my lifetime,” or, “I’m not even allowed to go and be in this type of business.” Meanwhile, your soul and everything in you is craving to go do this one particular thing, but the messaging you grew up with is saying something different. We need to get our mind aligned with where we’re going as opposed to where we’re from. Mindset’s number one. The O of mojo, the first of mojo is what I call our oracle. The oracle is our life below the neck. This is our body. I call it that because our body knows; our body has all the information. It is an oracle. Have you ever done martial arts?

I had an unfortunate judo session where I got my ass kicked for a couple hours. That was pretty much about it.

Any tai chi or anything like that?

I’ve done some tai chi for sure. The martial arts, judo, not a good story.

In terms of tai chi and some of the martial arts, they talk about the dantien. I call it the power center. If you take your thumb and you go ahead and stick it in your belly button and then take your middle finger and put it right on top of your pubic bone, this whole area from the belly button to your pubic bone, from the front of the body all the way to the back of the body, this is our power center. Some people call it second chakra. This is the seat of your mojo. This is where life force lives in our bodies. As women, this is where we create a human being. There’s a person that can grow inside a woman’s body and that blows my mind. This creative life force, this mojo is powerful beyond measure.

To understand where it lives in our body and to start to have a connection with this space turns up the volume dial on the access to your mojo, and then allows you to be more of the DJ of your life. You’re like, “I’ve got a big meeting and I need to ramp up my mojo.” We can tune in by simply putting your hand on your power center to get reconnected. What happens is our power center is low in our body, so it pulls your attention down into the oracle in the body so you have more presence. You have more magnetism available to you. We all know when we see someone who walks into a room, a bar, a party, a networking meeting, whatever, they haven’t said anything and they might not even be wearing the coolest chicest outfit, but there’s something about that person. We’ve all had that experience.

It’s interesting how sometimes it’s not even the person we find the perfect attractiveness. There’s something about them, a certain je ne sais quoi that draws our attention.

That’s someone who’s in their body and is in touch with their mojo. That is that presence that happens when you get down into your power center and you start to source yourself from this place.

There are some people I’ve noticed that are naturally having that mojo. I feel I have presence and power now. When I first started, when I was a geeky computer guy, Dungeons and Dragons playing guy, I don’t think I had that presence. I had to build that power, that mojo. Do you see both? Do you see people with the natural, innate mojo and those who develop it?

We all have it naturally and innately. If you look at a baby, a child from newborn to three, you will see that magnetism. We’re all born with it but here’s what happens. Life. We started to get made fun of, we go to school, we have stuff that happens with our parents, with siblings, there are traumas, there’s abuse. All of that starts to turn the volume dial down on our mojo, and creates what I call kinks. It’s like putting a kink in the system that jams up that natural flow of mojo. It happens to everybody. Some people have those experiences that create bigger and more kinks and some people have smaller ones. In your case and many men, it might go up into your heads. That’s more of a natural, masculine, male wiring. It’s just the way that that is. You’ve learned and sourced to get a little more in your body on a more regular basis, which does give you that presence.

We need to get our mind aligned with where we’re going as opposed to where we’re from. Click To Tweet

People don’t tend to have mojo. People who are integrated tend to have more mojo.

People who are in their heads do have mojo, they’re just disconnected. J is all about the joining of the different roles that we play in life. Mostly people, at least the women I’m working with, are working strong careers. Then maybe they have a personal life. Those are those two roles, but there’s an artist side of them. There’s a yogi side of them. There’s even a diva side of them. A little rock star side of them. The sassy, sexy side of them. All of those have been put to the side, shoved in a closet and they’re like, “No, just got to work. I’m going to be in work mode. I’m going to go home and maybe I’ll hang out with my man or my woman,” but they’re still in work mode. Then they’re half-assing the personal role. That causes pain, frustration and ultimately leads to, “I feel there’s something missing.” I know that feeling well. This role play piece is all about starting to fluff out and get connected to the totality of who you are.

Think of a deck of cards. We want to play with a full deck. This doesn’t mean that we’re going to put all our cards out 24/7. When you’re at work, you want to be in your work role. Mine’s CEO of Mojo Central. I’m in that role a lot. When I go out on a date, it is so uninspiring to be in CEO of Mojo Central role. I’m going to get in my mojolicious, sassy self and go on a date. That requires a shift of consciousness, usually an outfit. We deal with signature outfits for each of our roles and to be very clear about the strength of the role because every single role has a particular strength. Once you start to identify these different strengths, you’ll know how to navigate between being a parent, being an employee or an employer. Your partner role, in terms of your romantic life and everything, becomes a lot more fluid and pleasurable.

Your methodology is role playing. If I’m in my head and I want to be sexy, sassy guy or my partner wants to be sexy, sassy woman, it’s allowing them to let the innate part, that mojo that exists in them, to come out and be approved of and welcomed.

At first, it has to be self-approved of. Forget about outward approval because that will fold very quickly if you don’t have the self-approval. It’s giving you permission to express those sides of yourself. A lot of women, when they come to me, they are challenged by letting out a lot of that sassier, sexy sensual side because of past traumas, abuse or shaming in that area from family, religion, society, the list goes on. We don’t have a lot of support as women to be that expressive in that area. The final O of mojo is the oasis. The oasis is your environment. The home, the office, the space in LA. It’s even our cars because we’re in our cars a lot. It’s the environment that you are spending time in. It’s been eighteen years now that I have professionally been a feng shui consultant. It’s crucial that we set up our spaces to support where we’re going as opposed to where we’ve been. There’s an opportunity for our environment to fuel us, to fill us, to give us additional mojo so we can be less stressed and more engaged.

TL 066 | Reigniting your Mojo

Reigniting your Mojo: Forget about outward approval because that will fold very quickly if you don’t have the self-approval.

M was mindset, that’s your history. You’re imprinting your history where you grew up on. O was oracle, which was your entire body base and connecting to specifically that second, that pelvic region where life is created. J was the joining, which is allowing the different characters to hang out and play and cause mischief together. Then O was oasis, that’s creating an environment. When they’re integrated, that’s where your most power comes from. I know when my oasis is cluttered, my whole creativity in my little mind goes a little obsessive.

Clutter is like cholesterol in our body. It’s high cholesterol in our homes. Now you know about these four pillars, it’s not necessarily like, “I have to do all of them.” If you’re feeling disconnected from your mojo, if you look at this, if you’re standing in the center of a square and put the four pillars of M, O, J, O around you like a square, you’re in the center. It’s literally about what you would like to choose to work on. One day, it might be that you’re feeling, “I need to flush out this other role.”When your head’s down in the shit storm of it all, then you go, “It’s all about the M, it’s mindset.” What am I truly creating in my life? What do I truly believe? What is it that I am standing for? Another day it might be like, “There’s way too much shit all over my office,” and so it’s like, “I’m going to spend the next 30 minutes and get the oasis back into a good state of being so I can have more mojo flow.” You can use what you need.

My impression of what you’re saying is something I agree with. You make life into a practice, your practice to increase your mojo. It’s a step-by-step process. Every single day is going to be something different. It’s going to be an awareness to increase your power and increase your efficiency. It is to look at what needs to happen today. I like how you’ve separated this into four different buckets or four different categories so people don’t feel overwhelmed. A lot of times, the hardest part is you’re feeling stuck, you’re feeling ‘un-mojoed’, and what do I do is pick one of the four to increase more flow.

It is about a practice. What we’re talking about is a way of being. Wherever you are, there you are. I used to think, “If I got on an airplane and I went and took a trip,” my life would completely change, and everything would be fabulous. The person that got off the airplane, that was the woman that got on that airplane. The mojo work is about whom are you being. From that space, when you create these internal shifts, your mojo increases, but more importantly your confidence, your ability to connect with people, your ability to create what it is you desire in life. That becomes so much easier. The tough moments, they’re going to happen. They don’t magically go away when you get tucked into your mojo. You will also have a lot more velocity to move through the breakdowns and to have breakthroughs much more quickly.

Live Coaching

I’m going to bring our guest onto the show. Sophia from Philadelphia. Hi, Sophia. How are you?

I’m doing well. How are you?

Good. Thanks so much for being on the show with us.

Thank you for having me.

I’m going to let Deborah take you through most of your coaching. How do we make these most optimal for you? How can we best serve you?

Can you go over the four different categories one more time?

It’s mindset. Then the oracle, which is tapping into our body and coming embodied. Joining with the different roles that you play in life and your oasis, that’s your environment.

What I’d like is integration. I want a certain lift off. I feel different parts of me starting to come to the surface that haven’t been around in a while or are new. There’s a new spine that’s beginning to move through my body and that feels good. It’s a little intimidating to have this ferocious thing that’s like, “I have things to do and I have things to say,” and I’m out in this world but it was like a cast of pale over it and it’s not quite alive. I have this huge appetite that’s starting to wake up.

We’re about to get a new month. Over the next month, what would move the needle forward in your life? Is it something with career? Is it something with your personal life?

Part of me wants it to be my career. I’d like to have a thriving coaching practice. I’m a relationship coach. A particular element that I have of it is very experiential. It’s sensory-based. It’s warm. It’s about getting to interact with life not on your phone but with people and then with the environment around you and with a spark of curiosity around it. With a little bit of substantive, there’s something more here and then like, “I want to go follow that. I want to inspire people to come forward.”

What is the biggest obstacle that’s between you and making that happen?

When I tell people I’m a relationship coach it’s, “That’s interesting. Tell me more about that.”Some people I meet, they’re interested and then they say, “Yes, shoot me an email. We’ll set up a time,” and then I never hear back from them. There’s a whole graveyard of unanswered emails that I have, like a dead zone, and I feel I can’t quite resurrect them. When I’m out in the world meeting people, I’m typically meeting people who are in tech and in the startup industry, and I’m not quite tapping into that thing that resonates with people that has them go, “There’s something here and I want to explore that.”

Wherever you are, there you are. Click To Tweet

There are some practical stuff, which I’ll talk about at the end because that’s the easy stuff. There’s about your presence. Who you’re being and how you’re bringing the business to the interaction with people. One of the things that’s going to make the biggest difference for you is the oracle piece, as well as bringing out a role. Let’s first talk about oracle. There’ll be a deepening of you tapping into that power center. There’s a video series, which is my gift to all the guests. The second video in that is going to teach you how to ignite your power center. What I want to recommend is that you do this exercise every morning. It’s real simple. You do it for a minute to two minutes before you get out of bed. It could not be easier. Everybody can do this. It’s going to help to give you a deeper sense of activation with your mojo, bring you much more powerfully into your body on a regular basis. Do you notice that when you go to talk about your business that you get a little bit more on your head?


That’s normal, especially when we’re starting off something and it’s newer. It’s like, “We’re getting our confidence, and we’re getting our legs in that area.” For you to be in the presence of your own mojo and train yourself to anchor that in as you share what your business is about, will alter the way people respond to you. That’s that first piece. The next piece is the joining with the different roles. Let’s talk about this role of you as a relationship coach. What we do when we break this down is we give every role a name. Is there a specific name or do you want to just call this role relationship coach?

I don’t have a name for it other than relationship coach. Maybe as we move forward, it’ll be clear what wants to come forward.

It’s something to consider. I’ll give you a couple of examples of my roles because that might stimulate you as you move forward from this. When I’m doing work, it’s CEO of Mojo Central. When I’m speaking on stage, which I do and I leave my live events and doing the stage thing, that’s D Rock. She shows up onstage and that’s who’s leading everything. My personal life, that role, her name’s Bella. You get the gist. They’re the role names. Think about who your role is when you’re in relationship coach mode. I would venture to say that you have relationship coach mode when you’re working with clients, but then there’s the role that is out in the world marketing yourself. There’s a little different twist because they require different strengths. It’d be good for you to decipher those two pieces. What we do is figure out your signature outfit.

For instance, I like to use some Hollywood examples because they’re easy. When we see Jennifer Aniston and she’s out at red carpet stuff, it’s always classic. It’s Armani, Calvin Klein type look. It’s usually white or black. Every blue moon there be a red, but she’s always in white or black. Super classic. She’s in her casual role mode, she’s in jeans and usually a light-colored t-shirt and some scarfing. Total signature look for her red carpet glam Hollywood gal and hanging out at home. Figure out what those looks are for you when you’re coaching and when you’re out networking and sharing your business. When you start to hone in on that, it helps give the physicality to the role and allows you to bring more of her forward by a visual for yourself not for anybody else.

I’m thrilled because I’m a guy, I would never think of this. This is clothing, but I’m really getting what you’re saying because you cast yourself in that position, it does change your mindset. I know when I’m in one outfit for one party or went out for a different thing; I do bring different characteristics in there. I want to appreciate that this is something I never would have thought about, but there is a real strong power of your psychological belief in your ability to be that master salesperson, Sophia or that master coach. You have to put yourself in that role.

One of my mentors, Larry Winget, The Pitbull of Personal Development. He’s amazing. Talk about a signature outfit. He’s shifted it over this last year. His signature outfit is cowboy embellishes, cowboy shirts, jeans, and unbelievable custom cowboy boots. He changed the face of the speaking world. He was the first guy who brought a character. That that gave him a huge amount of fame. Everybody knows him. It shifted things for him and it does make a difference. I want to share that for the guys because I love that you also said, “I wear this one thing to this party, and another thing, ” it changes the way you show up.

Find a signature outfit for your role, Sophia. That’s going help. Every role has a particular strength. We’re all good at a lot of stuff. If you were like hair’s on fire, world is exploding, this role is great. Above all else at one particular thing. You’ve got to find out what that one particular thing is, without a shadow of a doubt. When you know that, you’ll recognize, “My relationship coach side, that role, that strength is useful for having a particular conversation when I’m marketing.” You might not need that strength the entire time you’re having that conversation, but you’ll go, “Time to dial that part of me up a little bit for this one moment,” and then you can dial that back.

When you know the strengths, you can more easily and fluidly navigate between roles. You’ll find out that that’s really the place to start so you can start to fluff out the roles. You’ll have a deeper understanding of these parts of yourself. You’re going to tap deeper into your oracle so you can show up with power, with presence, that confidence because it’s like, “Why wouldn’t you want to work with me?” It’s like you’re saying that without saying that because it’s that silent power. It’s about who you’re being and people feel that from you. I’m sure that’s what you also want to be inspiring in the couples that you’re working with because they want to feel certain things from each other. The oracle will be the first piece for you. If I’m a doctor, your prescription is to do with igniting the power center exercise every morning for 30 days and then to work with these different roles and really flesh these two pieces out. Start to work with them and bring them out into your events.

I want to give you a little business piece, I’m not a business coach. I do run a business and know certain things about that. When you are connecting with people to get them on the phone or to make a call, you’re saying, “Let’s hop on a call,” but you emailed them, is that what’s going on?

I have phone numbers and email and then they say, “Can you email?” I do that and then I don’t hear back or sometimes they just give me email only.

You’re meeting these people in person?

Yes, that’s the only way that I do meet people.

TL 066 | Reigniting your Mojo

Reigniting your Mojo: When you know the strengths, you can more easily and fluidly navigate between roles.

Here’s what’s going to change the game. Everybody’s got a phone. Everybody’s got a calendar on their phone. They know so be like, “Pull out your phone, let’s set up a time.” You do it right there. It’s super simple and it’s going to change the conversion in terms of the number of conversations you’re going to have. That also will inspire them of your confidence and like, “Let’s get this on,” like, “I can help you.” You have that conversation with them and they get their phone, it’s perfect and you make the appointments. Your calendar will be filled a lot more quickly than the old school way.

How does that feel to imagine you saying, “Let’s set up a time?”

It feels one more step forward. I want to get to that and then what happens is some version of like, “I’m really busy. Can we set up a time to meet later in the month when I know my schedule? Send me an email or I’ll text you later.” I know that’s not going to happen. I’d rather just call. Oftentimes it feels really invasive to call.

I’ll give you a little tough love there for the processes. You can say in that moment when you feel that, “In my experience, when people say that it doesn’t happen.” You have to take that step forward because people resist. They want change, but they resist it as well. If you’re going to show them as a coach you’re going to kick their ass, because what they’re going to pay for you in a loving way, then you can start with that initial conversation to have the conversation about you kicking their ass.

Everybody is going to be a ‘no’, even though they really are ‘yes’. It’s simply getting through that ‘no’ and showing them your commitment to what you provide. That’s inspiring.

I had this experience. I was talking to somebody, it was an informal chat. It wasn’t meant to be a discovery session or anything. He was so insistent on, “What are your prices? What do you charge per hour?” I kept moving that and like, “That’s not how I work.”He kept pushing for it and by the end of the call I ended up feeling he was so expensive to speak to. I just gave him a number that was pretty high, which was my way of saying, “At this point, if you want my attention, you’re going to have to pay for it because it’s exhausting talking to you.”

I felt so irritated and so in my head since that conversation. I feel something fell out of my body after having that conversation. I haven’t had a conversation like that in a while. Those dominant, logical male personalities are one of the most difficult personalities to work with and be super clear with. I wasn’t expecting that call to go anywhere near that and now that I’m starting to talk to more people, I’m finding that I might be talking to more people like this as I move into a couple different areas. I don’t want to feel this bad after.

What’s going to help with that is getting very rooted and grounded in your power center and also in those conversations, you’re going to have to align more with your own masculine energy with the connection to your power center. That’s an immovable force that will be able to match and then have a powerful conversation with that type of personality.

I would tease him mercilessly. “My hours? It’s $1,000 an hour. How’s that sound? For you, it’s $500.” You can play with it and to me, that’s a test. The male dominant personalities testing you to see how you can handle them and you can handle them. They want to be handled. That’s the point. I want to point out something I noticed when you said, “I want it to be my career,” when Deborah asked what you want to talk about. It was a little subtle language thing I noticed. Is there something else you want to talk about?

Some of it is in general, how I am in the world? Out with people or by myself, walking around the city, I have an expectation and it’s going to be intimidating for a lot of people, wants to come back out again. I had this when I studied abroad in China. Now that I’ve been very practiced and I’ve been in this work for a while, carrying that amount of electricity in my body and then being out in the world for people to see it has me feel very exposed. I know that without it, I don’t feel capable.

What are you afraid of?

The first thing is it would be hell to me if I had that amount of electricity and sensation in my body, and I didn’t have anywhere to put it, that the appetite there wanting to be in people’s space and it’s violating. I’m curious about people. I have a knack of getting into people’s living rooms. I go with it. That’s when I feel my best. I was a student when I did this and now, there are responsibilities that I have as a young adult. It’s this constant having to put the brakes on that thing. It’s terrifying to me to have that amount of power running through my system. Every moment, I would be looking for somewhere to put it and then I would feel completely crazy not having enough of an outlet for it.

That power you have is beautiful and you’re beautiful and the world needs more of that beauty. Click To Tweet

Consider that it’s about the cycling and the regeneration of it, rather than having to “put it somewhere.” What you’re tapping into, definitely this is more of an advanced conversation that we’re leaping into. I know what you’re talking about, but this is not 101 stuff. You are in a space where you now to learn how to regenerate and cycle that energy because what you’re dealing with is true life force, what you’re dealing with are true mojo. This is what the universe is made of, and it is fucking powerful, and it is electric, and it is super alive and it feels amazing. However, most people are not vibrating in that space. It can be incredibly violating.

With what you’re up to in terms of your coaching practice, I get an idea of what you’re wanting personally. There’s a responsibility that comes with that and there’s a beautiful power that comes with the capability to generate and cycle that energy, it’s as if you’re wearing this invisible cloak when you’re out in the world. You’re still feeling it, you’re still buzzing, you still feel amazing, and it’s all there. There’s no need to shove it anywhere or put it someplace because you’re completely in the flow of it. In the appropriate moments, you can take off that energetic cloak and wear it where it’s going to be either reciprocated or received.

When you allow that to come out and you integrate that, that’s going to get you all that you wish. When you start to minimize that, when you’ve try to keep that down, you’re not in agreement with it, the universe won’t show up with things. That power you have is beautiful and you’re beautiful and the world needs more of that beauty. It’s waiting for you to be fully empowered of who you are.

I love that you said that, and it’s going to inspire people around you. It’s who you’re being because when you are that, when I am that, when Robert’s that, when everyone is just doing their thing, it inspires and allows others to do the same. That’s how we freaking light up this world and transform it. It’s good stuff.

Thank you so much for coming on the show, Sophia.

Thank you for having me.

Good to meet you. I’m happy to support.

Thank you so much, Deborah, for coming on the show and teaching me a few things and inspiring people to see some new ways of looking how to increase your own mojo and your own energy.

My pleasure. You’re terrific host and I’m glad to be here.

Thank you so much. Do you want to talk about your event? Let’s talk about that.

Anybody in our audience and you want to connect with me, you can go to my website it’s There is that complimentary video training there. It takes you through the four pillars. You’ll learn about the three dangerous mindsets that everybody deals with and how to turn them around. You will learn how to tap into your power center and turn up the volume dial on your mojo. You’ll learn how to start to work with your roles. You’ll learn about the most important spots in every single person’s oasis and how to energize it. It’s a really great video training. All videos are under five minutes because you’re busy. Twice a year, I run the Rock Your Mojo Women’s Weekend. It’s in Los Angeles. It’s two and a half days of a deep dive embodiment into you as a woman tapping into your feminine power, fleshing out these roles, having an incredible time with a really potent community of women. All that’s on my website as well. I’d love to see you there and any questions and however I might support, I’m on social media posting stuff all the time. Find me, follow, connect, and let’s hang out.

Thank you so much. I really appreciate you coming on the show.

Thanks Robert.

Thanks so much for coming. It’s so good to have the gang all back. Now we’ve figured out the time change and I’m just really excited to the next phase. Book is coming. Writers Conference in Vega. Really working on the details, is rocking compared to which was challenging. Thank you so much as always for being on the show. Please feel free to support the show by visiting There’s a few slots open for low cost, one on one time with me, or if you’d just like to support the show send us a little loving at That’s it. Go forth. Be real. Get some nookie. Think of us. We’ll be thinking of you and take care. Thanks so much.

Thank you so much for listening. What a great show. I learned a few things. I really saw a difference from my approach, which is always what I love about guest stars is when these little things come up, I’m like, “I am never going to do that.” If you liked the show, please visit us on iTunes. Give us a little rating, give us a little loving. The iTunes ratings increase our reach to help other people. Help people to visit our website at and join my mailing list. Thank you so much for being part of the show. Go forth. Have fun. Be real. Enjoy.

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