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Our education and community has instilled in us a limiting belief that men are evil and bad because of their sexual desires. The last thing men should do is to let women know about these desires because their purity will break them. This mindset is partly the reason why Ryan Black, CMO of Sasha Dating Systems, grew up as nerd in high school and dated only one girl in college. He knew there was something more he can do with his romantic life so he decided to go for the James Bond image to get girls. When that didn’t work for three years, he discovered Sasha Daygame and got the love life he was looking for. Ryan shares that when you drop your ego, women will come to you even if you’re not the coolest guy in the club.

I’m excited to have my new friend Ryan Black come on the show, who talks about his experience of his own life, being what he called basically a plain looking unattractive guy, his words, not mine. The process he went through first going into pickup then to the seduction community, and his whole experience of how it came back to him just being himself. He also gives some sage advice about how to handle your ego and how to stop your ego from stopping you from having the life and love that you want. We then invite Mark and we give him some advice on how to move through his personal issues, his connection, and where he wants to go to.

079: Drop your Ego, Meet Women with Ryan Black

Excited to see my new friend Ryan Black, talking about talking to women, about your ego, and all things on how to improve your life. Tuff Love is here to provide some new thoughts, insights, concepts that perhaps you can bring into your life, to have the life you want, get the nookie you’re thinking about, enjoy life, smile and go for it. Very happy to be here as always. I want to bring Ryan. How are you?

I’m very well. Thanks for having me.

Ryan Black is the Chief Marketing Officer, the CMO, and market director of Sasha Dating Systems. He is UK’s highest paid Direct Daygame coach, his six years’ experience in the industry. He is an alumni speaker of the 21 Convention and co-founder of the Infinite Man Summit. Welcome to the show, Ryan.

Thank you for making me sound clever.

First of all, I want to just admit to a bias I have reading the bio and what I know of why would have called this seduction community, and that’s what I read. Part of me was just like, “What’s going to happen on the show?” Then I just realized that that’s my bullshit, my bias. At the same time, I know you have a story of how you got to this position and I’d love for you just to share how did you start and how did you get to where you are right now?

I was probably typical in terms of my students, but definitely atypical in terms of people in general, in so far as I was nerdy guy all the way through school. I didn’t have many friends, didn’t have any romantic relationships for a very long time up until I was actually at university and 19 years old. Then I was going through this period of life where basically, I had one romantic relationship all the way through university. I was dating just one girl and that was it. Towards the end of the university, there’s this point, which I’m sure some guys have experienced in the past where I’m in this long term relationship and we’re coming to a serious point where it’s like, “What’s going to happen? We’re going to graduate. Are we going to stay together? Should we get married?” That’s the logical thing that we’re supposed to do according to society and this narrative that we’re given of what our lives should look like.

I was struggling with this because I was like, “Is this it?” Is this the best that I’m going to be able to do in my life romantically? The evidence suggested that it was because I’d never had any female interest in me apart from this one girl. I was speaking to a friend of mine, my college roommate at the time about all of this and he was like, “I have the book that will answer all these questions.” It was around 2007 and he handed me a copy of the book, The Game by Neil Strauss, which around that time became like a big best seller and a lot of people read it.

In this book, through telling his own story of discovering this seduction community, he gave what a lot of people viewed as tips and techniques, psychological techniques you could use to manipulate women into sleeping with you, regardless of how unattractive you are. I was like, “That’s exactly what I need.” I embarked on this journey. I said to myself, “I should see if maybe there’s more out there for me than this, maybe I can do better, and maybe I can find a girl who’s more attractive, we’re into more of the same things, we have more of a connection,” I owe it to myself to do this and find out if this can work for me. I spent the next three years using all the stuff in these books and a failing miserably with all of it.

This is something that happens with a lot of guys that come on courses and come to our events is when I use the stuff and it didn’t work, I was like, “I’m a clever guy, went to a pretty good university. I’m not stupid, I understand what this is saying but I can’t get results with it, the problem must be with me. There’s something wrong with me. I’m just too unattractive to make these things work,” was my conclusion. I know a lot of guys are in this situation. You’re looking around whether it’s YouTube or downloading eBooks or finding more material in the hopes that if I find this one peak with this one technique, this one routine, whatever that is finally going to unlock my success in this area. Which is an idea that you’re sold by this community that I think it’s just not true.

TL 79 | Drop Your Ego

Drop Your Ego: People stop even caring about what would make them happy and what they want because they’re so focused on being accepted and not being judged negatively.

It’s like striking oil in the middle. You’re digging everywhere and trying to find that one geyser to, all of a sudden love and sex is going to be showing up the front door.

I was really doing my best, going out a lot, trying to be as social as possible and it just felt like such a struggle and it was so hard like I had to pretend to be this person that I just wasn’t. You go out to nightclubs and pretend to enjoy the awful music and I have to shout over this loud music to try and have a conversation that I couldn’t have, and not have conversations about stuff that I found interesting. I didn’t go as far as the hat with the goggles outfit, but I did wore stuff that is not me totally.

All this stuff is written and sold in a way where what they’re telling you is you, as you are right now, the person that needs to buy this book or take this course, the actual person that you are inside, you’re not good enough, you’re unattractive, and you’re a loser basically. You need to plaster over everything about yourself from how you dress, how you act, what you say, to the stories you tell, to your sense of humor, to everything, to act like the kind of guy that’s cool and is liked by people and is attractive to women.

First off, I just want to say how grateful I am the way you’re telling the story, because one, you’re not beating yourself up. A lot of guys in this situation do that. Two, is you’re humanizing yourself in it and you’re also not really putting down the process. The way I’m hearing you tell the story which is different is I tried this, I tried this and this is what I discovered. I just want to acknowledge that, that’s very magical. The second thing I want to say is I totally agree with what you just said. It’s like we, and that’s a big piece of being hidden as we put these facades on to try to look like something to attract and it just doesn’t work.

I was really doing my best to do all of these things that I’ve been told is that you have to pretend to be this cool guy in the nightclub in order to be able to meet women, get a girlfriend or whatever it is. In my search for more material, more things to try and more techniques to learn, I stumbled across a video by a guy. He was walking around London during the day, he wasn’t going into nightclubs. He wasn’t doing any of these things like nagging the girl or whatever, like saying some insult. He wasn’t trying to be cool, he wasn’t trying to be pretentious. He wasn’t trying to dress super slick and fashionable.

He was just going around and basically being a bit of an idiot and saying stuff that didn’t make sense and was a bit stupid, but just expressing his own weird sense of humor in whatever moment it was, like as a girl was sitting on the steps outside a museum or was sitting in a café or something. This guy isn’t doing any of the stuff that I’ve been taught to do, yet what was so different is he was having an enormous amount of fun doing it. It seemed like he didn’t actually care if the girl that he was speaking to found what he was doing funny or not, because he was just having so much fun just saying and doing whatever he felt like doing.

It was just in such stark contrast to everything else I’ve ever done, which is like here’s all the things you have to do correctly. You have to be this James Bond-like super smooth guy to make it all work. If you do it all right, then maybe you have a chance of having an average looking girl pay you some attention. This guy was like, “I don’t really care but what I’m about to do is funny.” I looked into his stuff a little bit more. That guy turned out to be in Sasha Daygame. I’ve spent three years trying all this stuff. None of it’s worked. This guy is doing the opposite to everything that I’ve tried that isn’t working. Mathematically speaking, the opposite of what isn’t working could well be what does actually work.

If nothing else, spending some time with this guy will definitely be a lot more fun than reading another manual or downloading another e-book. I took basically some savings that I had, I invested in his course. That was the first self-development thing that I really invested in myself for. Over the course of just the first few hours of the first day of that course, I had a very profound series actually of mindset shifts were an enormous number of limiting beliefs that are installed in us by society, by our parents, by schooling were removed along with a lot of the limiting beliefs that the seduction community installs within us.

Give me one of those limiting beliefs.

One limiting belief that that society installs in us, it goes as far back as the Victorian era, is if you’re a man, then your sexual desire is evil and bad, and the last thing you should ever do is let anybody know that you have it, especially the women that you’re interested in.

Connected to the belief that women are weak and powerless and unable to take care of themselves.

Basically women are these pure creatures that will break if you touch them. The last thing on their mind is anything sexual. If a woman does have sex, it’s just to get it over with because she wants to please a guy. It’s not that they might actually enjoy sex. That you’re a creep and disgusting gross for even having desires, let alone expressing them. God forbid, it’s actually saying you look very attractive and that makes me feel a certain way. You could never do that.

If you’re in the US, this is especially bad. At my university and this was what 2003 when I started, it’s even worse now I imagine, aren’t the main part of orientation was a bit around three days. One full day of which was devoted entirely to sexual harassment. What sexual harassment is, what it constitutes, what rape is, all the stuff. Basically anything, but everything you could possibly think of is rape and sexual harassment.

I went to university in ‘92, I don’t think we even had that back then. Raping and pillaging was acceptable at that point. You went to university in 2004, is that when you started?

I started in ‘03, I graduated in ‘08. That’s one. That was definitely installed in me from a very young age because I had a really negative experience when I was younger of expressing that I was interested in a girl. I was nine, I didn’t really understand what I was doing, but I just said, “One day we’ll be married and we’ll ride around on a white horse and we’ll have a kingdom or whatever,” and the girl was crying and ran away. I was like, “I should never say, should never express that I would like to be with a girl in a romantic way ever because it’s horrible.”

That was a huge one because then on this course, what I did, what I learned, and what now I decided that I wanted to help Sasha reach more guys and discover this because I was like, “If people realize this kind of transformation was possible, it would be amazing.” Then I ended up teaching one of the courses. The most fundamental part about all this, is not any of the techniques, body language, the way that you say something or what your opener is or any of that, it’s becoming comfortable with yourself, your desires, and your intent, and in each moment expressing that as authentically and in as effective a way as possible. When you get that bit, all the rest of it is just little details that you can tweak.

The most important thing that I got out of it if I had to be one thing was that everybody is telling you that you have to hide who you actually are and be this version of yourself that is going to not ruffle as many feathers as possible, is going to be as acceptable to as many people as possible. What that does is it creates this bin in your mind that’s constantly going around checking whether whatever you’re about to do or say is going to be okay. These things of like what sexual harassment is and all this stuff fits into that because it creates this constant fear that, “What if I say this and it accidentally offends somebody? What if I say this and it gets me disapproval? What if I say this and it doesn’t gain me the approval of as many people as possible?” People stop even caring about what would make them happy and what they actually want, because they’re so focused on being accepted and not being judged negatively.

One limiting belief is if you’re a man, then your sexual desire is evil and bad. Click To Tweet

I want to just go over this one topic which is you described it as meet women by lowering your ego or adjusting your ego. Could you just speak on that, then we’re going to slip to Mark.

The way I define it is basically that there’s this part of ourselves that I call the ego’s part. It’s basically like a program or what NLP people call meta program that’s running in our minds. We don’t always have it. There’s a time when we’re five years old when you meet people, when you’re that age, you meet other kids without having to think about it or do anything. You don’t even think about it. There’s not a single four year old who goes to their data, whatever, “I’d really like to play with those kids in the playground, but I’ve got approach anxiety.” That doesn’t happen.

At a certain point through sat down then told to shut up, and being told all these terrible things about what’s going to happen if we hurt somebody’s feelings, and all the terrible things that other adults might be thinking and how they’re going to try and trick us with candy into their vans or whatever. We develop this part of our mind that goes, “What other people are thinking is really important and you have to really focus on that.”What you are about to do or say might get you criticized. That fits into a very important survival mechanism which is that in hunter gatherer societies of small groups of people, breaking the social rules of the tribe meant being cast out. Because the social rules of the tribe were all to do with the continued survival of everybody.

You break the rule of no hoarding food, everybody dies because of your greed. This is a mechanism that’s important in a world that doesn’t exist anymore, and we’re still running the programming MS Dos from 10,000 years ago. We haven’t upgraded that part of our brains yet. We have this basically what is there for a reason, but it turns into a computer virus that keeps taking up more and more of your computer’s memory, performing a function that is completely useless and actually detrimental to your existence, happiness and survival in today’s world. That part of our brain is the ego.

What’s your pragmatic approach to going against this computer program?

What you have to do is two things. Number one, you have to recognize that what this ego is doing is it thinks that it’s protecting you. What you have to do is prove to yourself that you don’t need it. To do that, you just do two things. Number one, you accept the fact that you have this true self of who you are, and be like everything that’s inside me and is who I actually am is okay. People might judge it, but I’m okay with it. Then number two, you have to go outside and you have to put yourself in situations where people might actually judge you negatively.

One of the things that we build into the course is going outside and doing stuff where people are going to look at you and go, “What you’re doing is weird.”Because between those two things you then prove all these terrible things being, cast out of the tribe or whatever doesn’t actually happen. If you do that just a few times, together with accepting who I actually am is all right, then you go, “I don’t need to keep running this program anymore,” and you can just allow your subconscious to just discard it.

I used to do exercises like that. We call it the rejection exercise. We’d send guys out to get rejected twenty times a night, and they hate it, but they would come back alive like, “I’m still alive. I’m still breathing even though I’ve had this experience.”

Live Coaching

Let’s bring Mark and let’s hear what he wants to talk about.

How you doing, Mark?

Digesting all of the things you said. Normally you ask, “How can I be of service?” Prepping myself with this. What I took in most in the last minute was this picture I have of myself as a chameleon from way back. My family of origin there was a real trauma that happened and I’ve been working really hard to get out of the story of that and identifying with it, but what I heard you talking about was how quickly I threw up my mask so that I’ll be approved or how subconsciously I shift my behavior away from what’s really in my desire to what I think is digestible or will key in the sweet spot. Subconsciously I can get back to revealing, taking the mask off and being vulnerable, but there’s this reflexive response that comes up, and I just want to hear if there’s any, what do you think of that?

That’s a really natural thing and we all have it to different degrees. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s a good skill to be able to have, to express yourself in different ways and be able to present different sides of you to people depending on the situation and the circumstances you’re in. Even the most incredibly authentic, super accepting of themselves, no ego people, are not exactly the same and speaking in exactly the same way to every single different person alive. They will speak differently to their husband or wife as they will to a business colleague, as they will to their best friend, as they will to someone that they just met.

When it becomes a problem, which it sounds like in your case, it is when you’re not bringing out different sides of yourself to suit the situation, but when you’re presenting a facade of how you feel people would most likely to be accepting towards. It’s part of who you actually are, it’s something that in the moment, like this will be funny, or this will be interesting to talk about, or this is what I really want to do. You repress it because the ego’s going, “No, don’t say that. That could be controversial,” or, “Don’t say that, that somebody might not like it,” or, “Don’t say that, that might be offensive.”

Here’s the paradoxical things is basically what I found, is when I was giving into that side of myself, I was very good at making sure that a very small percentage of people would walk away actively disliking me. I had a big percentage in the middle, like 90%of people, would walk away being like, “He’s okay, I guess.”Only like 5% of people will be like, “I don’t know. I don’t really like him.” Probably because they could sense I was being fake or not really being myself. Then a very small percentage at the top would be willing to invest the effort to peel back the layers and be like, “Once you really get to know him, he’s actually a pretty cool guy.”

I suspect it’s not so much the facade bringing up that policy with your judgments on top of the façade. It’s your denigration of, “I shouldn’t do that,” or, “Why do I do that?”or if I’d been a wine in there, it’s just like, “Maybe it’s the judgment on top of the judgment. Then you have a judgment on top of your judgment, then they would judge my top of your judgment that you have a judgment,” and all of a sudden you’re beating yourself up for just your humanity.

I got two great notices where people noticed me self-denigrating in the conversation. I verbally chastised myself or colored myself in the negative way. What if my real persona, that deep piece is identified with that coping mechanism? What if I really am someone who wants to always be safe? It gets that deep, there’s so many layers that I don’t even think about it. It just comes up. How do I extract. You talked about programming the mind and I have a really hard time with that. I don’t accept the computer program brain metaphor, but for the sake of this discussion, what if it’s so many layers deep? How do you extract that virus? Is it really just raw practice, being out there and being vulnerable as much as you can until you cast out the last of this piece?

TL 79 | Drop Your Ego

Drop Your Ego: The most fundamental part about all this, it’s becoming comfortable with yourself, your desires and your intent.

Whether you accept the program or not, would you accept the premise that there’s a part of our experience that we’re consciously aware of and another part which we are unconscious of, but it’s still there.


All we mean by a meta program it’s something happening in a place in our mind that we don’t have conscious awareness of at any one time. Because it’s impossible to have conscious awareness of everything that’s coming in that we process, it would be impossible. What’s cool is that you can actually, once we accept that there is stuff happening in the background in our unconscious. What we can do is recognize that the way that we use language, the way we talk to ourselves, that we’re consciously aware of, every single time we’re doing that, we are actually giving commands to the subconscious that we’re not aware of.

One of the things to do is it’s really good that you got feedback on the fact that you were taught right so you’re actually expressing it and people are going, “You said some history of yourself out there.” That means what you’re doing is you’re emphasizing that that is the representation of yourself that you have, that you would like your subconscious mind to now, without you even realizing, go and continually find proof of to justify and confirm.

When you say, “Is that looking for safety who I really am?” Everybody wants to be safe and even more than that, everybody wants to be right. In fact, we’d rather be right than happy a lot of the time. Especially guys like us who think that we’re clever. What I encourage you to do is the wanting to be safe is an absolutely natural thing. The thing is, in the near term like right now, in the moment, you might want to be okay, be safe or whatever, but long term, you know what would make you happy is not to have to look back over your whole life and be like, “At least I was never in danger at any point.” That’s not what people who are on their deathbed say. They don’t say, “I regret risking stuff and having experiences where I might have been in danger.” They say, usually, “I wish I’d taken more risks.”

How’s it aligned for you, Mark?

It’s in alignment with what I think.

If you think more long term about it, what’s my ultimate goal of what I want to accomplish and who I want to be, and the type of relationship I want to have. Then in that moment be like Rodman’s like looking for safety in that moment, be like, “What’s actually congruent with what I actually want in life and the person that I want to be?”A lot of the time you’ll find if I want to be somewhere, if I want to be this person in ten years from now, it’s going to mean saying stuff to some people. Maybe some friends that I’ve been hanging around for too long that aren’t actually helping me achieve my goals.

Maybe it’s some family members, maybe it’s my current relationship. I’m going to have to say some things to some of those people that’s going to have them view me in a negative light. Then is that the price I’m willing to pay to achieve what I want to achieve? For me in that moment, usually it’s the case when we when I have funds, right? They’ve reached the point where they’re like having a fulfilling relationship to me right now is such an important goal that I’m willing to go do some fairly odd things and potentially offend 20 or 30 people along the way to achieve this goal.

When they do it, what you find and the paradoxical thing that I was going to say is, what I’ve found is that when I became willing to in every moment express who I really am, what I found is a very small percentage, more people instantly were like, “I don’t like this guy.” What he says is controversial. What was cool is way fewer people could be indifferent and unsure, because I was being really clear and really divisive about way I was doing, and a hell of a lot more people, like 20% to 30% of people were instantly like, “That’s fucking awesome. Who is this guy? I want to know him more.”

All I do is go, “All I want to do is find out who those people are, and I’ll just spend all of my time speaking to these people.”Then I don’t even have time to even deal with the people that if they go, “You’re being weird.” I go, “Okay,” and then I move on. That has to be right, because otherwise anything that isn’t there is saying, “No, you should spend a lot of your time trying to convince people that they should like you when instantaneously they’ve already decided that they don’t.”

I think more for me, the concern, the level of self-abandonment that happens occurs in that top 10% of, “My girlfriend really likes me, now I really don’t want to fuck that up.” I’m going to pretend to want to color myself by ego and be less vulnerable in that situation. That’s the top spot.

The thing with that is it’s actually the same thing solves that same problem. Most people at the beginning of relationships, this is also probably a bit more common with women, they will present the version of who they think this person would like initially, and so then they’re hiding themselves over time. Then like trying to slowly reveal this is who I actually am. Because the last thing I want to do is completely reveal it like, whatever six dates in, and then have the person freak out like, “Who is this crazy person?” The solution to that is the same, as like be that crazy person right from the very beginning.

The moment I opened my mouth, I am exactly like this, and if you’re like this ginger guy is gross and I hate him, it’s fantastic. Because that’s someone that I should not spend any time speaking to, but the person who I’m like literally me, and they’re like, “Great.” I go, “Cool,” and then there’s no pressure. What do I have to do to keep this relationship going? Well, I have to be the exact same person I was when we met because that’s what she liked. My only question to you is when you met this girlfriend that you worry about screwing up with, were you really being yourself? If the answer’s yes, then just keep doing what you’re doing.

The next layer for me is that I notice something when I’m not in her presence? Which is that my vigilant center actually goes way down. There’s this element of me that’s really holding when I’m in her presence because I’m protecting that status of being that. It’s so counter intuitive and what I noticed is that the guy that she initially fell in love with or that I am at my core, is actually way more open and not so ego centric in that manner we’re describing.

I was in a flow status. Just revealing the real me all the time in ways that right now I think sometimes we blow people out. There are levels of erotic comments or things like you were talking about before, sexual harassment level sorts of intensity. The truth is when I look back at that point in my life and for that’s what made it so hot, that’s where connection really fires up in that when I’m that person.

Just also remember Mark that this is less about her, and all about you. She’s a reflection of the parts of you that you doubt. This one notices yourself esteem. This is like the billboard saying, “Pay attention to me, pay attention to me,” because I would suspect if you explained this thing to her, she’d be like, “This doesn’t make any sense to me.” This is all your own vigilance center running loops around why you’re a piece of shit and probably back to childhood, probably back to past relationships, and this is just a way for you to say, “This is a part of me that wants to grow and expand.”

Jo recommends a mirror work. For the record, Jo had great recommendations. She said, “21 days, 3 times a day, at least, look into the mirror and say, ”I love you Mark, and I accept you completely.” Then watch how your self-esteem increases. Because this is your inside game, and you’re going from good to better. It’s just like you’re ready to expand to the next level.

My girlfriend is going to read this podcast and we’re probably going to have a conversation about it. When she heard I was coming in, she said, “I dare you to be as vulnerable as you can.” There’s this element wanting to continue to grow back, can be a little bit problematic in the oath, adopt amass to try to make it odd or even. Even staying who I am, irrespective of the response. That’s the game. That’s the infinite game.

Thanks Mark. I really want to appreciate you coming in and being so vulnerable, and I think this in a good nookie on the horizon from you after this. If you want good nookie, be a guest on Tuff Love. I think it usually happens out like that all the time, 100% success rate. Thank you so much for coming on the show.

You are not your ego, you are not your thoughts. You are the infinite substrate. Click To Tweet

Ryan, for the dissolving the ego part of this, that’s something that’s really close to where I’m at right now and the work I’m doing, and I get that now. My ‘Who I am?’ isn’t my ego.

I’m glad that resonates with you. That’s the about when we were talking about placing judgments and things like that, That’s the, as well as that mirror thing is a great thing as well, but it’s a really cool thing and people get this through yoga, they get it through meditation. There are lots of different ways of getting to the same place is to recognize that you are not your ego, you are not your thoughts, you are not the judgment you are placing on those thoughts. You are the infinite substrate in which all of that is happening. You’re much more than that, and that’s pretty cool.

Thank you so much, Mark. Ryan, thanks so much for sharing your wisdom, really some great stuff.

Thank you for having me.

I want to ask you how people will find you.

If you’re a guy and you’re interested in this slightly different way that we do things, if you’re looking to be able to meet more women and normal everyday situations, be able to attract and get them on a date and have this kind of connection, do it from a place of honesty, do it to it from a place of without your ego, and do it in an authentic way. We actually put together a little presentation, it’s totally free and you can watch it at Bit.LY/3-Shifts. It’s a little presentation we go through some of the big mindset shifts like some of the stuff that we were talking about today, that we went through to be able to achieve this transformation. Thanks for having me. Do we have final words wrapping it up?

Final words.

I want to encourage everybody to really figure out what is the one biggest shift or biggest thing that you could do that would have the biggest impact on your life as a whole and especially your relationships? It’s likely that doing that thing, whatever that thing is, there will be resistance against that. Always. Your ego is always going to be the part of you that’s going to tell you, “Don’t change, be safe, just stay inside your comfort zone. I would encourage all of you, whatever it is, whether it’s some of the stuff that I said or whether it’s some of the stuff that Robert shared with you in the past, but take that step to do something that’s outside of your comfort zone.

There’s so many. There’s a new study that just came out recently actually, which showed that the one biggest factor to long term happiness and longevity in life as a whole is consistently doing something that pushes you outside of your comfort zone. It’s amazing, whether that’s in the gym or whether it’s mentally or whether it’s socially, figure out what that one thing is and do that one thing that’s really going to push you outside of your comfort zone, and you will get closer to achieving your goals.

It’s just about being out there and being wishful. Thank you so much, Ryan, for being on the show. Thanks so much, Mark. Really grateful for you to come and be vulnerable.

Thank you for listening to my podcast with Ryan Black, special guest star here on Tuff Love. Every week we have a show about something hopefully meaningful, powerful, and some advice on how to take you control of own life, to have your life exactly the way you want it, because that would make me super-duper happy. You know what’d make me happier? If you go on iTunes, you give us a review, you send us a little loving. If you’d like to support the show, visit us at what really makes us happy is you just being you the entire time. Thanks so much.

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TL 79 | Drop Your EgoRyan is co-founder of the Infinite Man Summit, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Dating Coach at Sasha Dating Systems, Director of his own boutique marketing consultancy for coaches and practitioners, author of the upcoming book, “The Digital Artisan,” as well as a CSA MasterCoach and certified business coach. A knowledgeable and passionate speaker, Ryan loves helping others improve their lives and achieve optimal performance and results in all areas including business, health, and relationships.

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