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~ A guide for men to find their purpose in the world. ~


A Book For Men And
Those Confused By Them

Coming Fall of 2018


For Men:We have been taught to fit into the social structure and have our place. The problem is, it goes against who we are and over time, we die.

This book will save you from dying and show you how to live in your power.

For Women:When women are angry at men, the love they desire is blocked. Once you understand a man, the anger dissipates and it’s the best feeling in the world.

This book will help you to understand how men tick so you can love them better and in return, be loved in ways you dream about.

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Raw, real and sobering, Robert Kandell delivers a much-needed guidebook for men stuck in turmoil. You’ve been conditioned to operate on a set of deep unconscious rules and assumptions that no longer work in real life, leaving you depressed and confused. This book is the answer.

~ Amanda Steinberg, Founder of DailyWorth

In unHIDDEN, Robert essentially says everything there is to say about communication for men (and the women who love them): how relationships sour when we mess it up, and what to do instead. If you suspect you have communication problems (and don’t we all?) this book has the answers you need.

~ Bryan Reeves, Author of “Tell The Truth, Let The Peace Fall
Where It May” and Podcast Host of “Men, This Way …” ~

Live unHidden

An In-person workshop To Learn The Superior
Communication Skills To Create The Relationships
And Life You Crave

” Rob Kandell is a gifted teacher. He’s incredibly present and offers customized coaching and guidance to every individual person moment to moment. A course with Rob is not to be missed, it’s life changing – I highly recommend! “
– Carrie

” Robert is a master at what he does. Having personally coached and taught thousands of men (and women) for over the past decade plus, he has developed a keen sense for both the commonality and the uniqueness of each man’s journey and has tremendous insight and wisdom that he brings to his work, along with unerring love and approval for people as they are including their deepest fears and darkest depths. Having worked with Robert closely over several years, I would say without hesitation that he is the best. “
– Adam

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