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For Men

It’s a Hard time to be a Man
It’s the Best time to be a Man

The world is changing for men. What worked for our fathers, grandfathers and beyond is not working for today’s Gentlemen. In our post – #MeToo world, there is a sensation of masculinity being attacked, our role being less defined and a general fear of who to be and how to act.

  • Should I open the door for a woman?
  • Can I flirt with a coworker?
  • Do I need to need to get a signed consent form before touching another?
  • What do I do when she’s making more money than me?

Men are faced with a double trap.

We are facing a very fast evolution in our world but still are conditioned to “grin and bear”, “take it like a man”, and “don’t be a pussy”. This inability to ask questions, express our fears, speak our desire freely creates a straight jacket which can lead to angst, frustration, and depression.

This page is dedicated to sharing a wide spectrum of resources so men can feel supported on their journey to find their bliss, interact, connect and succeed with modern women and know their purpose.

Please email Robert at with recommendations for this ever-evolving page.


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