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CFO Services

Robert Kandell helps you bypass your own self-imposed limitations in all aspects of your business. He has 25 years of experience of building a business, enhancing workflows for your team, mentoring CEO’s and helping start‐ups set the proper foundations for success.

Are you spending your budget wisely?

Is your business leveraged?

Is your team happy and fulfilled?

He is a veteran of many worlds and has spent time in corporate America, a start-up, a small computer shop, and then built an international 8-figure business based on relationship, intimacy and sexuality. He’s been around the block MANY times and has the stories to prove it.

Interim CFO Services

Kandell Consulting specializes in small companies who need help in the financial, legal and operational aspects of your business. We specialize in helping CEO’s who don’t have the bandwidth (or desire) to handle these parts of the business. Available services include:

  • Forecasting Optimizing
  • Operations Legal Management
  • Cost-analysis of potential & existing projects
  • Impact of new hires and other HR Functions
  • Bookkeeping- Certified Pro Advisor for Quickbooks.

Kasia Urbaniak

Rob is not only a master of order and business; he also has a sixth sense for what his clients need, where they’re stuck, and where they need to go next. He has expanded my sense of possibility tremendously while giving me a much-needed sense of reality. The combination of the two is not only a priceless gift; they give tremendous velocity to results and tremendous creativity in what gets built.

~ Kasia Urbaniak, The Academy

Tripp Lanier

Rob’s a rare breed. He has a deep understanding of what really makes us tick. But unlike so many other “wise” folks who get lost in the clouds, he brings a grounded sense of discipline to actually get things done.

~ Tripp Lanier, New Men’s Podcast

Alicia Davon Erwan

Rob is POWERFUL. He is direct and willing to say the truth of what he sees without holding back. He is emotionally intelligent, calm, and loving. And, he is excellent with numbers, finances, business operations, & technology. The combination of these results in a very effective coach who you feel all at once loved and taken care of by, yet empowered, well educated, and successful. I HIGHLY recommend working with him.

Alicia Davon Erwan, Davon Teachings

Level 1

I work with you, your staff, and your vendors at an advisory level to meet your monthly and quarterly goals.

Level 2

I work as your hands-on, fractional CFO to handle all your company needs around finance. This includes

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being a member of your executive team, cash analysis, pro forma, HR, legal and more.

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Level 3

Based on your company’s needs, this is level two magnified!

Power Hour

Have a question? Want help navigating a tricky spot in your business or finding clarity on next steps?

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The single hour is designed for companies that don't need an entire overhaul but would benefit from an expert view into a problem that is solution oriented and will get them on the right track.

$499 No refunds.

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Custom Projects

Customized short and long-term projects based on your requirements and business needs.

Team Building

The success of your business is more than just the people who work for you, the raw materials you use,

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the office your use, and your equipment. It is the CONNECTION that exists between them. When you foster connection between your team everything improves - revenue, efficiency, productivity increase and you become a place people desire to work verses have to work.

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Live Talks and Training

Bring Robert into your small or large business to discuss a range of topics ranging from communication, emotional blocks, work/life balance, #MeToo dynamics, and personal empowerment.

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