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unHIDDEN is a book that will challenge, and redefine what you think it means to be a man in today’s world.

– Conner Beaton Founder Of Man Talks

unHIDDEN is for men who feel life is good but want it to be EPIC

Traditionally, men have held the “privileged” position; however, two generations of societal change has dramatically changed the playing field, at the expense of the Man.

The effect is that men are lost, causing an increase in aggression, confusion and apathy.

Worse, they have withdrawn from society because it’s not deemed OK for men to express their feelings and doubt.

Men want to love and provide, but feel disconnected from their true purpose.

Let’s change the trajectory.

It’s time to live…


UnHidden is a pragmatic guide that compiles 18 years of experience and tens of thousands of client sessions into a simple step-by-step blueprint for turning your life around.

This book is Man’s key to evolving from your current status quo to a true, authentic man in today’s chaotic world.

  • Confronting the ways you’ve been taught to hide…
  • Understand the effects of our Society of Disapproval… and learn to be free of its claws
  • Navigate with ease the challenges of succeeding with a modern woman… so you can have the relationships you desire

If you’ve been staying silent through your suffering, this book is for you, my friend.

Conquering your self-imposed limitations and learn exactly what gives a man natural self-confidence.

WHAT YOU WILL receive….

  • A step by step blueprint for how to live unhidden
  • Access to our private unHidden facebook group
  • Learn to express yourself confidently when you have that deep, natural desire for intimacy with a woman.
  • Rid your life of self-sabotage, how to master communication skills
  • Relinquish sexual shame for good.
  • Deciphering what a woman wants and how to love her exactly the way she desires.
  • Find your purpose.

What people are saying

Raw, real and sobering, Robert Kandell delivers a much-needed guidebook for men stuck in turmoil. You’ve been conditioned to operate on a set of deep unconscious rules and assumptions that no longer work in real life, leaving you depressed and confused. This book is the answer.

Amanda Steinberg
Founder of DailyWorth

When my Controller/Office Manager left with very little notice and I was set to go overseas for two weeks, Rob literally saved the day. From across the country he stepped in, took over my business, and immediately began implementing improvement. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without him.

~ Lesly Kahn, Owner Lesly Kahn Acting School

It’s The Missing Link To Maximizing Your Happiness And Success In This One Life.

We 100% stand behind our products.
We offer a no-risk satisfaction guarantee for unHIDDEN.

Please email to request a refund.

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