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The Architecture of Business

The Basic Elements of Business for Artists, Creatives, and Change-Makers


Inspirational Speaker Tony Robbins states: There are three types of persons needed for every successful business: (a) the Artist, (b) the Manager, and (c) the entrepreneur.

The first creates the vision, the second implements, and the third helps broadcast the vision to the world. The thriving business either has partners that share these roles or funds to employ them.

So what do you do before you hit that level of success?

The Architecture of Business is designed for businesses (and their owners) that are either new or still in the start-up phase. In this six week course, we will be answers questions such as:

  • How do I market myself?
  • What exactly does it mean to “keep financial books?”
  • What insurance do I need to purchase?
  • How do I get my name and product out there?
  • What is a forecast?

The program is a FREE six-week journey with like-minded people who are looking to build their business.

Week 1 (2/7/2019): Biz Architecture 101 (Daniel and Robert)
Week 2 (2/14/2019): Goal Setting/Numbers/Forecasting (Robert)
Week 3 (2/21/2019): Results of Business Planning – Q&A (Robert)
Week 4 (2/28/2019): Basics for Marketing (Ayries and Robert)
Week 5 (3/7/2019): Content, Press & Media (Jen and Robert)
Week 6 (3/14/2019): Perseverance & Psychology (Dave Burns & Robert)

Your Facilitators

Business coach and author, Daniel Fox founded what became an 8-figure business with hundreds of employees only to find himself purposeless and disconnected from his passion, personal transformation. Practicing for over 12 years, he now coaches, committed world-changers to turn their passions into thriving and fulfilling careers.

Robert Kandell is an interpersonal communication expert, speaker, podcaster and the author of the bestselling book, unHIDDEN: A Book for Men and Those Confused by Them. Since 2002, Robert’s mission has been to help people find themselves and use their internal power to live their best lives. He has helped thousands of students up-level their communication, leading them to live more balanced, energized, connected and purposeful lives. He is the host of the podcast, Tuff Love, where he puts his compassionate, hard-hitting insight to work helping people move forward in their lives with clarity.

Between her 14-season run as a co-host on VH1 and her acclaimed starring role in a Broadway national tour, Jen Gottlieb is no stranger to the stage. Now, she’s teaching others how to become the star of their own show. Jen collaborates with life and business partner Chris Winfield to deliver Unfair Advantage Live, an event that gives ambitious entrepreneurs an all-access pass to the couple’s extensive circle of media contacts. Jen herself regularly appears on the likes of CBS News, PBS’s Life and Living with Joanna Gagis, and Good Morning Washington, and she’s frequently featured in publications like Shape, Self, Women’s Health, and Thrillist.


David Burns’ mission is to destroy the separation between business and spiritual practice. He weaves together ancient spiritual modalities and pragmatic business systems into what he calls the “Third Way”—not hiding on the mountaintop, nor losing oneself in the marketplace, but inhabiting both fully. Read more about Dave at

Ayries Blanck is the lead strategist and founder of DiscoverMuse Media. A Branding Consultancy that helps businesses create effective strategies, powerful identities, and memorable campaigns to build resilient and authentic brands. Her goal is to help companies harness the power of their brand to become leaders in their industry, serve their customers better, and for their founders to reclaim their passion and lives. In her free time, she lives in Montana and enjoys backcountry snowboarding, freediving, reading excessive amounts of books, and living off the grid. She is currently pursuing an MBA from Harvard University in Business Management with a focus on the intersection of design and business.


Behavior change specialist and transformational success coach, Ariel RK has been on a mission to understand what it really takes to actualize human potential through organizational dynamics, entrepreneurship and adult development.  Through following her passion and curiosity, she discovered that our relationship to time and money is where the secret lies! As a Money Map Master, she guides her clients to activate their path to financial liberation and career satisfaction through grounded and practical tools.  Learn more at or join the conversation in the Eyes Wide Open Tribe on Facebook.


  • Six Mastermind Calls – Thursdays at 12pm PST starting February 7th, 2019
  • Plug in from anywhere… Calls are one hour per week using Zoom technology.
  • Recordings available 48 hours after the call
  • Private Facebook group for group members only
  • FREE!


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